SaGa 2 Remake Announced!


Yeah I saw it on 1up. I crapped my pants.

Yeah, I saw that. I wonder when Square is gonna stop acting like the SaGa Frontier games were bad, just because America frowned on them back in the days when people couldn’t deal with anything more complex than Final Fantasy 7. People absolutely adored the PS2 Romancing SaGa, and that game is assloads more complex than SaGa Frontier, with an even worse storyline. SaGa Frontier, on the other hand, has a lot of potential to improve from a remake as long as they don’t make the game mechanics even more complex, or at least provide some tutorialage, a la Romancing SaGa on the PS2.

Oh well, maybe this is a good chance for SaGa 2 to get a good facelift. I can see this being fun, I’m just mad that they keep remaking SaGa games that aren’t the SaGa Frontier ones - i.e the most interesting ones, which could be the most fun with a few minor improvements and some better explanations of how the game works.

Actally, the last couple saga games were bad. Espeically Romancing Saga. Saga Frontier would’ve been good if it was a tad more linear.

I read about this this morning. Had me somewhat surprised. Also surprised they didn’t choose something else to remake (something FF or DQ). But I’m pretty happy. I like how the SaGa games work and whatnot. But from what I’ve last read, the last couple of games haven’t been all that great. Last I played was RS3.

Mark me down as someone who really doesn’t care. Seriously, they don’t have much much better games to remake?

I grew up on FFL2 with Game Boy. Saga 2 is a classic. This game was an excellent idea. What also makes this a good decision for SE is the fact that unlike FF4 (And more like FF3), the knowledge of this game is fairly restricted due to the relatively small proportion of people who played it. The fact its going to be a full FF3/4 like remake only serves to make me giddy as a schoolgirl.

Sin hit the nail on the head with that one. SaGa II was definitely the best out of the three and one of the best games of the system too. Besides they’ve remade the first SaGa almost as many times as the first Final Fantasy, so why not II already?

After this though I hope they either make a new game (unless you count TLR as a new SaGa game) or remake Romancing SaGa II.

I’m totally in agreement with SG about Saga Frontier deserving to be remade. It had a lot of great ideas but was marred by being released before being properly finished.

As for SaGa 2, I know virtually nothing about it. So could someone tell me why it is considered to be so good?

It solidified a few mainstays of the series, such as the leveling up system where characters gain stat ups after battle.

Overall, the first three SaGa games were drastically experimental; the first game had promise, but overall was a bit too flawed, and easy to break. For example, Humans gained stat ups by purchasing them, which was really easy to abuse, or Mutants - called Mystics in SaGa Frontier - leveled up in the usual SaGa fashion, but it never told you exactly when you were leveling up. Monsters worked fine (instead of morphing into a different monster and keeping your unique skillset, like in SaGa Frontier, in the old SaGa games, you would morph into a new monster and have only that monster’s skillset).

The second game improved on the way humans and mutants leveled up drastically by adding the stat ups after battle, and TELLING you when your stats went up. Instead of Mutants only raising specific stats, a la SaGa Frontier, they just gained stats slower than Humans, and were generally better at magic. It also introduced Robots (Mecs in SaGa Frontier), which work almost exactly how SaGa Frontier Mecs worked. The game was also a lot more expansive.

The third game was good, but it was essentially the black sheep of the series. To this day, for example, it is the only game in the series in which you gain experience points and level up. You don’t ever choose your final party; you have the same four characters from beginning to end, and two of them have the ability to transform into either monsters or robots. It was the only game that wasn’t produced and directed by Akitoshi Kawazu - a man known for directing and producing many experimental games, such as Treasure of the Rudras, FF Crystal Chronicles, The Last Remnant, The Legend of Mana, etc. The game was not bad, but it’s certainly way off the beaten path for a SaGa game.

Overall, the SaGa series went the route of the second game and hasn’t deviated much from it since. So, it’s the most important of the original three games in establishing the series as we know it currently. Of all three of the original games, it was probably the best one to be remade. I would personally just rather see Romancing SaGa 2 (the only one we haven’t gotten yet), or one of the SaGa Frontier games (easily the most interesting of the entire series) remade. SaGa 2 is not a bad choice, though.

That’ll teach me to read the link, all the way through I thought it was about SaGa Frontier 2 being remade. I was all “whoa unexpected”.

So long as it’s not like Unlimited Saga, where you really need to read through a monstrous guide just to have a clue how combat and character advancing work it might be worth a shot. I remember being a bit on the fence about Saga Frontier 2 when it came out, but that was at least as much for making Gustav’s final level nigh impossible as it was anything else.

I remember playing through Legend II in high school. I borrowed a friend’s copy, I don’t think he ever finished it. But I did.

I think the boss in the samurai world gave me the most trouble, but the Warmech was kinda hard too since if I remember right at that point you had lost most of your Mana… crystal… McGuffins you were collecting.

The game also had some pretty awesome music. I especially liked the decisive battle theme. I’d be as interested in the soundtrack for this as the game itself.

I remember, when I was younger, playing through the game a million times, and always getting stuck at a different boss each time. I’d always get a little farther, but it was years after I first played it that I finally beat it. Moreso than other SaGa games, you really HAVE to have a balanced party to do well.

Ironically, this is the only GB SaGa game I haven’t finished yet. I got up to the Dragon Race world and stopped because I kept getting my ass handed to me. Once I finish some of the games I’ve gotten recently I’ll probably go back to it and finish the job.

I loved this game so fucking much. I can’t wait to get it.

As a side not, while I agree it was overall better than the other two SaGa games, the first one had my favorite ending, where after crawling through the great tower of the worlds and suffering lots of hardships You find out the Creator was giving you help all along and did it all just because he was bored and wanted a game. So after you kill God, you then see a door behind where he remained, approach it… and then decide not to open it, to return home.

Don’t forget that you can cut him in half with the chainsaw weapon, which has to be the most hysterical way to kill a last boss.

I thought that was about Romancing SaGa II :frowning:

Count me in for this one. It was one of my first RPGs.

Thread revival!

The game has a website now. You can hear a remix of the main theme on there. And watch a couple of videos. And, if you can read Japanese you can actually understand it!

Still no North American release confirmed, but I’m kind of expecting it eventually.

EDIT: New Famitsu Scan as well.