Sad but true.

Yep, it’s true. My favorite kind of RPG is one with a love story :frowning: Yeah, FF8, FFX, those kinds. Any suggestions on some non-FF games with that type of thing going for them?

If you have a Sega Genesis, or SNES(or Emulators) Try the Langrisser series. A series of SRPGs with a love story in each game(except Der Langrisser, which has a non linear storyline and four paths/endings to choose from). The first one is known as Warsong in the US and is available for Genesis. There are also PC versions of Langrisser.

Another game non FF with a love story(actually about four or five) is Star Ocean: The Second Story.

  • Lunar: Silver Star Story and Lunar: Eternal Blue. Two of the greatest RPG stories ever told, and they both have the theme of love present.

  • Xenogears is another good example. Most of the themes in the game have to do with the love between men and women. There are some absolutely lovely scenes between the hero and the heroine in this game.

Are you kidding?!?

Nowdays it’s hard to find game, especially RPGs without a love story. Some are barely “implied” while others revolt ONLY around the story. Xenogears, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Grandia (PSX/One) and Lufia I, Lufia II, Tales of Phantasia, Bahamut Lagoon Although the love story ends not quite that well and I could go on forever.

Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals. After the first arc of the plot is done, it turns into one of the best-done love stories ever put into pixels. It’s just beautiful.

Love stories are important in RPGs, I’d think.

And I love them too. It’s good to see others are also fans.

Well, i’m looking for modern, easy to find games with a good love story. It’s really hard to find a lot of those games on their consoles, and i’m not about to run out and pay the high prices for them in addition to the cost of a SNES. However, any psx/ps2 games are great.

My mom lost my copy of lunar :frowning:

You should start with Xenogears, even without the love story it kicks ass. As for the SNES… can’t you Emulate?

That’s exactly how I do it now. and Xenogears does kick ass.

Lufia 2 is one of the best.

I abhor emulation for some reason. Probably because I was at the end of both FF4 and FF6 when it decided to delete my saved files :frowning:

Lunar: Silver star story.

That’s gotta suck, but it’s not supposed to happen (It never happened to me at least).

Lunar. Lunar 2. Buy them. Somehow, a couple discs of the two games got fucking smashed at a party at my house, but I just ordered another. SOOOOO worth it. Go buy them again ;_;

They don’t make them anymore, Lanyx.

And that makes me very sad, because I don’t actually own Lunar 2. 8(

Er, dude, like… Not even 3 years ago or so I mailed/called them or something and they sent me a new disc one for Lunar 2 and I don’t remember the other one. I don’t even think it was 3 years ago.

Grandia 1 and 2. Of the series, I think I…prefer the second one’s more. It’s a bit more mature, which seems to be your thing.

Although it does take a back seat for a good while, I actually liked the build up of Ashley and his love interest’s relationship. It can even be actually very corny at times, but it’s still believable. Heck, I just like the Wild ARMS series…although I only have the second one. I had Xenogears and Lunar 2 at one time, then someone stole them. Heh, revenge comes fast though…er, I mean, yeah, get those, good love stories. Lunar 2’s could be considered cliche, but it really hits it own beat later on as the story develops around it. Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis has a sweet little interlude with it’s main character and love interest also…but I can’t find it, and I haven’t beaten it, so I don’t know how well it works out.

Yeah, that was 3 years ago. They don’t even have the games on the Games List anymore; they moved them to the Musem. With all those other games I want… (Vasteel, Parasol Stars, etc).

They re-released Lunar: Silver Star Story again for a limited time about 2 years ago and that’s when I got it. But since then they haven’t sold the Lunar titles at all.

I know this is growing a bit off topic but…eh, wasn’t there some rumor of a Lunar 3 in the works? I heard this a good while ago, and then I heard it got dropped, and I haven’t heard anything about Working Designs in a while…

Haven’t really heard a thing, sorry. Besides, Working Designs really wouldn’t know much, as they’re not the ones who make the Lunar games. That would be Game Arts/Studio Alex.