Russia, to be trusted or Not?

With all this talk about how treacherous Iraq, Iran, and North Korea are, and with how imperialistic America has become (Have we really? Seems like socialistic talk to me.), how many people really feel that comfortable with Russia?

 Let’s look at the facts: Fact 1. Russia claims it is for freedom now, but then why not let Chechneya go free when it allowed all the other areas go? Doesn’t sound like a freedom loving country to me. Fact 2, As of a year in a half ago, President Putin (Former head of the KGB, Russian secret police, by the way) turned time back and changed the Commonwealth’s army and police uniform back to the old Soviet style, and brought back the old Soviet Nation Anthem. Fact 3, If America and Russia are such good buddies, why does the Russian military perform war games against “America”? And why as late as 1996-97’ was there a Russian Nuclear sub found near the borders near Washington D.C.? Fact 4, Putin as head of the secret police allowed a lot of bad things to happen, yet as Communism “Collapsed”, he was not jailed nor punished nor have I ever heard him apologize for crimes he allowed to happen. Does anyone else smell something fishy going on? Fact 5, there is a saying that Russia is bankrupt, and can’t possibly be a threat to anyone, because of it. But least we forget, Russia was ruled for 70+ years by the Communists, and in reading their favorite piece of military literature, Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, “When you are your strongest, you feign weakness”, and what better act of weakness, than to lose a civil war against lesser armed rebels? Add this all up to the fact that the Communist party has never been ousted out of the Dhurma, or the Russian Congress, and STILL rules the nation, and you can see, why I for one do not believe that Russia is a country to be trusted. So what does anyone else say?

This is why treachery exists in the first place. There’s too much suspicion and not enough trust. Russia’s fine.

You might just end up eating those words.


Its not that I hate Russians, cause I think their cool, I just don’t trust their politicians, hell I barely trust any of OURS!

You and a billion others who think corruption is a fresh and unique idea. I get so tired of hearing these pessimistic ramblings. It’s almost like you WISH Russia would do something, to break the monotony of every day life.

Where the hell is Kamikaze or Warsaw Pact or whatever his name is?


Thank you dearly for that toast!

Oh and Hades, I know corruption to be very old, and I have no pessmimistic view, as even if Russia tries something, eventually they will get their sorry asses handed to them, if not by us, then by some other country.

If you’re not pessimistic, then what are you? You have no recent, consistent facts from any credible source to suggest that Russia might be planning something. You jump to that conclusion in leaps and bounds because of “how treacherous Iraq, Iran, and North Korea are” as if there is some association, and your reasons seem collected after-the-fact, as if you’re searching for proof to support your premature conclusion rather than coming to a conclusion based on proof.

This whole idea is a long shot.

On the contrary I read in my countys newspaper about their war games against America as late as six months ago, The nuclear sub was reported by the New York Times in the time period I specified, and head changed the theme and clothes as early as this year, saying he hoped to bring back Russia to her glorious past. Plus you did not answer my question about why he was not arrested for his crimes like the others were/

Yes, Russia plays war games with the US and the US plays war games with Russia. But rather than being any sort of precursor to an invasion, it’s just training meant to help keep our respective militaries in top shape.

The nuclear sub was 1996-1997. That’s not recent.

The existance of war games isn’t evidence to support their connection to any war-type agenda.

Uniforms are uniforms and nothing more. Unless you have evidence that he’s been acting to a certain end, you have nothing.

Edit: I don’t know why and I don’t care. It’s irrelevant.

Its very releant, the man is a dictator the way that Hussein was the way Stalin was, and is not to be trusted. He claims to be for a republic, but then begins outlawing certain freedoms of the press, and his people. He has even come down on his own Congress. And why are there war games against a friendly nation? I do not hear the us making war games against Russia, where did that come from?

The Next thing you will tell me, is America is doing war games against England.

Don’t mean to be an alarmist. or a pessimist, there are plenty of ideas out there, all Im saying is to look out.

You can’t organize people into trends, and I don’t think you understand what war games are.

War games are military operations made so that our forces are prepared in case they are faced with the situation of fighting certain enemies or fighting in certain areas.

No one said I was trying to organzie people into a trend. I repsect your ideas and beliefs as much as I hope you do mine, even if we disagree.

Who ever allowed you to live shouldn’t have. For one, what you’re saying is filled with loaded words; mind you, you did a terrible job of it, but still there never the less. Secondly, you don’t even seem to know what you’re talking about by randomly including “quotation” marks “around” “words” for “no” “apparent” “reason”. Finally, your historical facts are half-truths and unreferenced (and even if they were, it’d probably be to

What exactly are you trying to do here? Scrounging up allies as incompetent as you? I’m really sorry, normally these kinds of idiotic threads don’t bother me enough to warrant a comment, yet this one takes a nice slice of cake. Are you sure you’re 30 years old, because generally people who feel the way you do are much younger, or disabled in some way.

So I ask my question again: are you simply a moron, or did you have an amazingly planned out hidden agenda behind making a thread of this merit?


I said you were trying to organize people into a trend because I saw that you were and I thought I’d point out that it doesn’t work.