Will there ever be plans for another RPGCali get-together? The only reason I ask is because I actually LIVE in California now, and it’d be kind of fun to swing by one o’ thems.

Where do you live? If its NoCal, I try to get in touch with CH at least once a year or so…It’d be cool to get together with as many peeps as possible…I think Merlin is still at UC Davis.

Maybe I’ll call you peeps again if you have it, and then maybe some of you will miss the chance to speak to me yet again. :slight_smile:

If I’m able to move out on my own later this year, I’ll throw one (I just need to get a good job first). I miss seeing some of you guys. So I’m hoping there’ll be one too.

I’m moving out this summer and buying a car. So I can now actually drive out of state without worrying about exploding cars once I make my purchase…and I need to visit cali, I left some friends there, so a meet would be awesome. Plus I would kidnap trill.

im back in california now and ill be getting a car soon. if its allright with you guys ill stop by for a few if this ever does happen

More importantly, we need an RPGC East meet, dammit.

It would be quicker, safer and probably cheaper to fly. @_@

Also, how would this be brought about? Where’s everyone gonna stay? If we all stay at separate hotels, where would we all meet? And when we do, we better play CTF again somewhere, dammit. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am down for RPGCali, north or south…just name a time and place and we’ll see what happens. I’m glad interest for this has been rekindled somewhat.

Right now I’m in Crescent City which is the ULTIMATE in Northern California… seriously, it’s 20 miles from the border on the coast. But it’s a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, so it kind of sucks here. I’m going to be moving to Sacramento this summer though, so a Northern California meet would work best for me, but I wouldn’t mind going south either (I kind of already want to visit a friend of mine that lives in the LA area anyway).

Merlin’s still at UC Davis for now, but he’s not going to be in California this summer. He’s going to Missouri or something.


Fuck, you’re in Crescent City? You could fuckin’ step out of your house and be in Oregon…That sucks, lol :stuck_out_tongue: They also have that awful pizza place which I can’t remember what it’s called…but boy, is it ever awful. :stuck_out_tongue:

The only non-national pizza place I know of here is Pizza King, but I’ve never been there. But I’ll only be here for a couple more months, so if anything was planned for this summer, I’d probably be able to make it.

EDIT: BTW, where are you at these days, SG?

I’m in Arcata, going to Humboldt State University. I think that’s about 60-70 miles south from you, actually. We should totally plan to go down to Davis and bother Merlin. That’d be sweet.

I’m warning you skankin, my uncle went to humbolt, and he delivers pizzas. and is also an idiot.

Well, whatever you do you better promise me to eat and drink better than I’ve heard reports that you did last time, kids wags finger

Uhhh I’ve been up here for like a year and a half. Don’t you think you’re a little late on the warning? :stuck_out_tongue:

And Weiila, the dehydration phenomenon was…well, phenomenal. :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t believe how many people suddenly felt the urge to drink a ton of water. It was weeeeiiirrrrddd-ah.

You’re in Arcata!? Shit, you should have told me, I would have went down there to visit you some weekend, since it’s only an hour or two away. Although next week is Spring Break, so I’ll be in Sacramento… but we should plan a little get-together some time while I’m still in Crescent City.

The only problem is that staying at my place just isn’t good. I’m in a suite with four other guys…I think if we did meet up, we should just go some place else - I don’t usually like having company at my place, here.

A suite with four other guys, huh? Sounds kinky…:kissy:

But anyway, yeah, I know what you mean. I just think it’d be a shame to not meet up some time, since we live so close. (I’d invite you to my place, but as you said, there’s really not much to do up here in Crescent City)