Damn, you really are way up there. I’d say you could come stay at my place if you were in SoCal. My only problem (besides the distance anyway) is that I work all week so I wouldn’t be around for most of the day.

Well, if we have an RPGCali in SoCal this summer (or later, perhaps?) We could ALWAYS use a place…like, really. RPGCali stopped more or less because we couldn’t really get a good place consistently (much thanks to Kero and Frameskip for offering up their places, though!).

For NoCal, though, I just say we take a trip down to Davis and bother Merlin some time. I hear there’s Third Strike tourneys at UC Davis, too! Sheeeit.

Well, that brings up a good point… Merlin, when are you leaving for Missouri this year? Also, is this your last year at UC Davis, or do you have one more?

Kay, I don’t think my roommate would care as long as you guys cleaned up after yourselves.

oh no, i’m too late, the idiocy has already sunk in. :\

Wait, Rinn is Epicgamer? Have you always lived in California?

I’ll be in San Diego in another few weeks… depending on my how my schedule looks I may be able to go.

Oh that’s right, you haven’t been around for a while so you wouldn’t have known. I moved out here in December when I got hired by neversoft.

I’m down for another RPGCali. Just not at my place.

That’s certainly reassuring. :fungah:

Depending on how opposed people are to sleeping on futons/floors, this could possibly happen at my apartment.

Where you at Dev?

Epic, heed Frameskip’s advice: If you’re gonna host one of these…you need to make some STRICT house rules. No offense, but y’all RPGCers can be fuckin’ savages.

I might be able to go to this, especially if it’s NoCal. One of my best friends lives in San Francisco, so I go there all the time.

Outside of Reading, PA.

In all seriousness, I might actually come to this. So fuckin… yeah.

Ya Rly.

Oh it was loads of fun and doing it again would be awesome. But, we have some lessons to learn from that time. (Also, you don’t see ME stepping forward and volunteering MY domicile for the festivities, now, do you?)



If one of these occurs I’ll need ample warning to get time off work.

Oh yeah, I’m still alive. Reading through two months of backlogged threads sure is takinga while