RPGCali Winter 2004 (05?)

So yeah. This was brought up a few weeks ago, but never went anywhere. If we are gonna do anything, then the time to start planning is right now. But, first, we need a house.

Is anyone in the L.A Area willing to give up their house? Jo the Mighty, perhaps? Kraken? You two and Frameskip know MGSSancho from the chat, who spoke to me about the whole thing very briefly. He expressed slight interest in housing the summer one, but how would he feel about a winter one?

Frameskip, we can make an appeal to your parents if we really have to. I’ll take charge of keeping the place clean personally, whatever it takes. I think no one at the party will deny that we took terrible care of your place. But if we got the chance again, we (or at least I) would take better care of it.

Lastly, is Kero still an option? We don’t here from him much these days, though it seems that he’s having computer troubles… :confused: So, there are some of our options. If anyone ELSE wants to volunteer that I didn’t mention, by all means! Go ahead.

Anyways…anyone interested in attending is of course welcome to post here. :smiley: And please…people that DON’T plan on going, please don’t come in here like “Ohhh I wish there was an east coast party :(” No one’s stopping you from organizing your own. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gah, another west coast party with me on the east coast. I hate you for this SG. =P

Man, I guess I shouldn’t have said I wanted to go a couple months ago, I think I killed it :stuck_out_tongue:

Why are all these gatherings never on the east coast?

People, don’t flood this thread with tons of “I wish we had an East Coast Party” or a “I want a Mexican Party” or a “How about a Chinese party?” comments. Doing so makes reading these threads and discerning who’s going to come quite difficult. And if you want an East Coast, Mexican, or even Chinese Party, you can always see if you can volunteer your house and make some sort of thread once you get permission.

I can’t wait till I’m old enough for this, I know none of you in person…-_-

I’ll try to make it this time.

What month?

lol! Nah, man. The big problem is that the epicentre of our turnout, the L.A Peeps, are all MIA right now, and with the exception of Kero, I have no fuggin CLUE why. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and as for the time, it would probably be either

  1. A week or two before the week of Christmas (not likely, I think?)


  1. Early to mid January. Actually, the very first RPGCali was like late January, but that was a rather small one; it is probly not preferable to do that again.

Just tell me when and where and I’ll be there.

How’s your house sound? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not good since we are doing a bunch fo remodeling for at least a month. Then in January I’ll probably eb going to Africa so planning it at my house wouldn’t be wise since it wouild most likely be cancelled.

Lol! Well, I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask. :stuck_out_tongue:

I might not make it to a January meet. It would have to be December :S

Let’s just all bring tents and throw up a hippie shantytown.

Disturbingly, there are places we could do that. But let’s not. And CH: WTH are you up for at 4:45?!

If we’re saying '05, I plan on doing that. But it’d have to be in December. This year is simply impossible.

I’m not on trial here!

Hmmm…I’d like to go to one of these shindigs, but I haven’t the money to travel.

If I got my own place I could do RPGColorado. But I don’t think anyone in this community besides me lives in Colorado.

Edit: Will there be Alcohol there???

Sorry, I can tell you now that my place is out. As for Jo and Kraken, you would have better luck giving their parents rabies with a dead parrot. So for the LA area it’s down to Kero, though I think he once mentioned once that he can hold up to 10 or something. Thats also not a definate from him, but he is your best shot.