do RPGC people maintain a WoW guild anywhere? I’ve pondered starting a Horde alt on a PVP server somewhere and if people haven’t already got this going somewhere I’d be interested in starting it up.

As far as I know, there used to be a guild on Dragonmaw which nobody plays on anymore. A few people play on Smolderthorn, where I have a horde char.

Yeah, most of us quit. Things get pretty boring and/or time consuming at level 60.

Most people are alliance which saddens me at my very core.


I wish I would have rolled an undead rogue and an orc warrior :frowning:

Horde is definitely better than alliance.

I have a guild I’d be willing to let any RPGC folk into, but it’s not on one of the . . . ahem. . . ‘normal’ servers, so that might be a problem.

I’m in an AQ/PVP guild on Smolderthorn Alliance.

I kind of like being alliance sometimes. We’re the real underdogs, everyone thinks we suck. Not like numbers matter now that Blizzard has banned world pvp and battlegrounds have caps.

I don’t know if I always like being a night elf though. Damn ears

I’m the only horde RPGC person left on Dragonmaw.

What are your char names on Smolderthorn? I play a UD Priest named Bayside on Smoldethorn.

CH, you’re still playing? Did you make anything with the arcanite bars I horded before I quit?

Ohh do you have any arcanite bars horded on Varzel!?

No, Varzel wasn’t an alchemist. All I had on him was a stack of dark iron, stacks of other metals, and some gemstones. I gave an arcane crystal to Booken to transmute right before I quit, I don’t know what happened to it.

Yeah, I just got WoW. An RPGC guild sounds fun.

Also, I finally get Merlin’s avatar :cool:

There won’t be one for the simple reason there aren’t enough people and the people that would be there would need to coordinate time to be together to make it enjoyable. The smaller the group, the harder the latter is to do and the more people look elsewhere, leading to the dissolution of the RPGC group.

I play Alliance on Venture Co. EU but I play with a goon guild sorry guys. :frowning:

But it could be possible to coordinate instance runs for 4 or 5 people at a time. And, since in my limited knowledge that seems to be one o the main purposes of guilds, it wouldn’t make bad sense to try to get another RPGC one started.

Damn a goon guild you guys down Kel’Thuzad yet?

Another reason there won’t be an RPGC guild: I’ve spent way too much time on my server and my guild to just pack up and leave. You could say it’d be an alt guild, but I think we’ve tried that before already.

What about trying to get a group of RPGC characters together to start on a server somewhere, but with the intention of joining another guild there? We can keep an RPGC chat channel.