RPGC Version of Harry Potter

Well you figure it would happen one of these days…some crazy mofo makes a thread relating the lovable members of RPGC to the witches and wizards of Harry Potter. While this isn’t going to be made into some game hack like a certain OTHER thread casting RPGC members in the roles of others coughFF6retranslationcough, it still be a fun thread. The rules are simple…you can pick one character and maybe explain why if you are bored. This is a fun thread, so don’t get pissy.

Keep spoilers in tags please, as some might not read the books all the way yet. And please no Snape killed Dumbledore , as we are not YTMND. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is the cast as of now, using a few ideas for certain characters. You can argue in this thread for a replacement for them. Minor characters are left out until someone fills their role.

Professor Dumbledore : Merlin

Professor McGonagall : dude789

Harry Potter : OmegaflareX

Hermoine Granger : VickiMints

Ron Wesely : Lex

Draco Malfoy : Eden99

Rufus Scrimgeour : ?

Neville Longbottom : Kagato Toujou

Professor Snape : Sinistral

Ginny Weseley : kirokokori

Sirius Black : Manus Dei

Professor Lupin : luke skywalker

Cho : Kairi

Cedric : ?

Peeves : MegamanX2K

Fred Weseley : Charlemagne

George Weseley : Hades

Luna Lovegood : Luna

Bellatrix Lestrange : ?

Professor Lockhart : Yar Kramer

Percy Weseley : Hiryuu

Petergrew : Setz :mwahaha:

Professor Quirrel : Ryotokineto

Mad Eye Moody : Drop-Bear

Hagrid : Cavelcade

Mouring Mytle : Trillian

Lord Voldemort : ShaheenJim

Professor Umbridge : ?

Lupin, not Lupid.

Can I be Ginny?

Id claim Harry, as lots of ppl at school say i look like him (no kidding), but im sure some more deserving person needs him.

Ill therefore take Lupin.

WEREWOLFS ROCK!!! :booster:

I’ll take Professor Snape. People say I have this presence or attitude that’s just a little off-putting.

Who am I?

I call Neville, bitch(es).

Hmmm… I’ve always been sympathetic with Sirius, because of all the unfair treatment he got early on. Incidentally, I wasn’t too thrilled by what happened to him in Order of the Phoenix. It almost looked like a quick way to remove him.

Let’s see … I think I’ll be Lockhart.

Remind me who Beatrix is?

If it’s who I think it is, it’s supposed to be “Bellatrix”, not Beatrix. Bellatrix Lestrange, a prominant Death Eater. First appears in Order.

I’d fight over Lupin’s character since he’s the one I resemble the most and doesn’t have a vagina.

Sin, read this page for more about who Umbridge is. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Umbridge

And I have updated the page for the peopled who posted.

I feel fucking loved.


I want Mad-Eye.

I was gonna take Mad-Eye. :frowning:
Oh well, I’ll just go with Hagird then.

I’ll take Harry as long as there’s no, I repeat NO romance between Harry and Ginny, because the mere thought of OFX + Kirokokori makes me want to retch my insides out.

I don’t know ANYTHING about Harry Potter, but I nominate Luna to be Luna Lovegood.

Actually, Bellatrix made her appearance in “Goblet of Fire” while Harry was looking into Dumbledors pensieve, seeing what became of Barty Crouch’s son. He was convicted of Death Eater activity and sentanced along with Bellatrix and some other bloke I forgot.

I try to imagine Bellatrix as a grown version of the little girl from “The Ring.”

I guess I’ll take Cedric’s spot if that’s cool with you guys. He was a pretty nice guy, while he was around that is.