RPGC Version of Harry Potter

You mean the one who comes out of the TV, or another character I don’t know about because I haven’t actually seen it?

I’ll be Professor McGonagall. I don’t care if she’s female, she’s cool.

Oh come on you know you like her.

And back on subject I think Wilfredo should be Dumbledore because He is the oldest and wisest member here. Not to mention he almost never seem to lose his temper and keeps a levelhead. :moogle:

He also has a sense of humor that appears every so often.

I’ll be Draco, teehee. XD


Could I be Cho?

No. Just, no.

I think I make a better Dumbledore than Merlin. For one thing, I’m OLDER; for another, I’m actually HERE most of the time!

I think Sinistral fits better as Snape: High intelligence, No sense of humor, long hair, and menacing presence, but never any true evil deeds (at least until Halfblood Prince! :stuck_out_tongue: )


I updated the list…but Dumbledore remains Merlin…because nobody can play a better tune then our resident Piano Man. What does music have to do with being a old wizard is anyone guess, but meh. I did change Sinistral to Snape, as I think he wasn’t pleased to be a toad bitch lady.

What? Fine. I’ll be Ron.

Is Percy Weasely as big of a nerd as the Google Image search I conducted suggests?


I would take Cedric except I’m not handsome and popular.


He’s a pompous turncoat who’d sell out his own family for a higher rank in the Ministry. I think that says a lot about his character.

I think Merlin would be better as the new minister of magic. I forgot his name.

Rufus Scrimgeour.

Can me and Mog be Fred and George?

:moogle: Pleeease?

I’ll take Quirrell. I get very nervous sometimes, mainly by heights, water, roller coaasters, dentists, etc.

Alright, the list been updated once again tonight, and even if you not asking for the role, please request any characters not on the list so people might remember who that is and ask to select them.

I think you’d be better as Colin Creevey and his brother(don’t remember their names quite right).

I want to be Marcus Belby…or whoever he was in the 6th book. He was black, you know. He was in “The Slug Club” and Slughorn totally gave him the cold shoulder. You know, the guy who almost choked on a pastry or something.

Actually…nevermind. If I can be that guy, I will be.

Heh heh, I wonder who’s going to pick Umbridge.