RPG pronounciations and stuff!

Okay first off, I have had this thought nagging at me for the past 20 seconds. Is Flea a guy? What was Flea’s gender listed as in Chrono Cross? I swear I read somewhere that he was actually a she and the whole “OMG ITS GENDER…?” thing was just meant to be a joke. I forget what it actually said, when you fight Flea. male? Female?

okay, on to more pressing matters. I need to know how to pronounce things, just because. Give me your take on…

Suikoden. Soo-whee-koh-din?

Sasarai. Sah-sar-rye?

Magus. May-gus? My boyfriend vehemently insists that it is Mage-us.

Celes. Cell-less (Celeste)? Or Cellis?

Opera. Oh-pra? Or Opera?

Lucca. Loo-ka? Luce-sa?

Tyr. Tear? Tir?

Schala. Skall-lah? Shal-lah? Shoal-lah?

Ayla. Aye-lah? Eh-lah?

Giygas. Gig-us? Gy-gus?

Dekar. Dee-kar? Dick-ar?

Geno. Gee-noh? Ghee-noh?

Ramza. Ram-za? Rom-za?

Delita. Dell-it-ah? De-leet-ta?

Riou. ???

I’ll probably have more later. Help me out!

The word “Magus”, in English, actually means “sorcerer”, and it’s pronounced with a hard G. I’d wager that the name Magus likely is just the same word.

What is a hard G? I’m not familiar with this phonics stuff. i was wrong?

She means like the “g” in tag rather than the “g” in mage.

Magus is an actual word, and it’s pronounced “mah-gus.”

The ‘G’ in ‘Good’, I think.

Then I am right?

I’ve heard people pronounce Suikoden as Swee Koh Den.

That’s basically how I pronounce it, I just spelt it differently. But I’ve heard everything from Swaykodin to Sohkoden.

Flea is a guy, that’s why he’s so famous.

Some I’m sure about:

Magus: Real word, with a hard G like everyone said.

Opera: Another real word. It’s Opera, plain and simple.

Some I’m guessing confidently:

Tyr: Sort of real word. The Norse God of war and justice that left his seat in favor of Odin was called like this (You should have seen him Valkyrie Profile at least once) and later on the word became a synonym for “God”. I think it’s pronounced “tire”.

Suikoden: I think it’s pronounced Swee-Koh-Deen in the original language, so why look for a different English form?.

Some I don’t really know but I think they’re right:

Celes: Yes, it’s like “Celeste”.

Lucca: “Loo-ka”. I think this is just the normal name “Luka” spelled differently.

Schala: “Shall-la”. It’s a soft sound like “Shangrilah”.

Ramza: “Ram-za”

And before everybody remembers and asks, “Locke” is a real name and is spelled “Lock”.

Luka is a common name? And I’ve heard Tyr pronounced as Teer by most people.

Suikoden - Swee Ko din (though I’ve been pronouncing that as sook-o-din for quite some time)

Magus - Mag-us

Lucca - same as Luca Goers from FFX

Tyr - Tie-er?

Schala - Scale-la

Dekar - Deck-ar

Riou - Rye-ou or Ree-oo

Delita - I always thought it was Dell- leet-ta, but De-leet-ta sounds a lot reasonable

Yeah, Luka, as immortalized by that Suzanne Vega song. :smiley:

And I think everyone’s clarified just about all of them, so I’ll throw another mispronunciation out there. I really really hate it when people pronounce Ys as “Whys.” It’s pronounced “eees.”

Suikoden is pronounced “Soo wee koh den”, but the first two syllables form a diphthong or something, so it’s almost “swee”. Somewhere between those two extremes.

The one thing about RPG pronounciation is that I was absolutely HORRIFIED when I saw how many people pronounce “Yuffie” like “Yuh fee”, instead of “Yoo fee”. No wonder most people hate her when pronouncing her name like that. >_<

Don’t even get me started on people mispronouncing “Ys”.

Yeah, Flea’s a guy. The one character with a truly ambiguous gender is Azala. I always assumed that Azala was male when I was little, but now I’m not so sure. It’s so much more interesting for Azala to be a female character, and I don’t think the game ever uses any gender specific pronouns for Azala…

Magus actualy means astronomer or astrologer, someone who studies the stars. The singular version of Magi

Flea is in the band “Red Hot Chili Peppers”

Off topic, I know, but I believe that RC is actually number four, behind Coke, Pepsi, and Dr. Pepper. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Just as “Ozzi” came from Ozzi Osbourne and “Slash” is from Guns 'n Roses. The trio’s original names were Vinegar, Soysauce and Mayonee.

Though Ozzie in Chrono Trigger spells his name a bit differently than Ozzy Osbourne.

I’ve always said Whys. Mostly because I’ve never played the series or given a damn about it. Sorry. :frowning:

I’ll see if I can add any mispronunciations I’ve heard.(and I’ve heard a lot of them in the FF multiverse. as well as other games.)

I’ve heard Tidus prononounced with the long I sound(which was a mispronunciation I had made before as well)
I’ve heard someone pronounce Auron a-RON instead of Or-un
here’s a funny one, I’ve heard 3 different mispronunciations for Chocobo

  1. Co-co-bo
  2. Chak-a-bo
    3.(this one’s ridiculous, I know) Choc-boo.
    I’m honestly not even sure what the correct pronunciation is. I’m leaing towards either Cho-ca-BO, or cho-CO-bo.

I’ve heard Drizz’t pronounced “driz-it” before.

Ah! RC Cola is owned by the Dr. Pepper/7 Up company still making them number three.