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Captain Nemo, is part of a brand new forum known as RPG Makers Central Co. where it is dedicated to Enterbrain’s RPG Maker XP Resources and as well as discussing various off-topic forums such as: Anime, Fan-Fiction, Daily Disscussion, TV & Movies, and much more. You might be thinking that RPG Maker is a illegal program from Japan but it isn’t anymore! Enterbrain Inc. on September, 26, 2005 allow download.com the rights to finally release the Japan-Only RPG Maker to the United States for only $59.99 and with a 30-Day Free Trial. So the matter whether the RPG Maker software is legal or illegal is still under debate but for now it is legal to buy at www.download.com at this time. The brand new forum, RMCC, created by: Firey_Princess & Tanner is slowly beginning to grow at the moment and needs support by getting more people to join us at RPG Makers Central Co.

I thank you for reading this topic and hope to see you soon at RMCC!

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Captain Nemo

First time I’ve ever seen sitewhoring done properly here. Good job.

(sorry but i have no interest in rpgmaker, i seriously just wanted to congragulate you on doing this correctly.)

We don’t discuss everything RPG Maker. We do have other topics and forums that don’t even talk about it.

I practically feel like sticking this thread because he bothered to go through the proper channels.

Indeed, at least as an example to other sitewhores. (he actually asked in the mb help forum, and td told him what to do >_>)

I used to tinker with RPG Maker a lot, but I must confess I didn’t like XP much. It’s a lot harder to find reasources for it. My favorate one to use is still good old 2K, though I wish I could get a few of the features from 2k3 in it, most notably the extended numbers for HP and stuff.

In any case, your site looks good and I might just check it out later. And I must also give you kudos for doing this right.

I’ve seen a few games made with the maker XP, and they look pretty damn good. :o most people I know made the resources themselves though. Looks like a lot of work to me. But I’ll stick to my plain ol 2k for now. Maybe if I ever have a sequel, I’ll look into the XP. For that, the original has to be done, though. Gah!

Heh, are you still working on the same RPG? The one you had screenshots for in your sig like, two years ago? :stuck_out_tongue:

The site is also dedicated to any RPG Maker program not just XP.

Thanks for everyone that has gave me positive feedback about the way that I did this topic. I had only one chance to make it right, so that is what I did.


Sounds like RPGC.

Heh. Anyone got $60 I can borrow to buy RMXP? For some reason, I’m imagining myself eviscerating the code and making some kinda side-scrolling shooter with it … :wink:

You can download it for a Free Trial for 30 days.

SHUT UP OK it’s on hold until I finished my shrine! ;-;

My plans rather depend on being able to use it for longer than 30 days.

My advice to you then, Yar, is to BUY RPG MAKER XP for the $60! The Link is in my first posting.

Sounds neat, but unfortunately I’m only the Concept Artist. I leave all that computized mumbo-jumbo to other people. I might check it out any who, though.

TrkJar, you can create resources for other members at the site.


Remember when Rast was working on that RPG Maker type program, and he had a seperate site devoted to RPG Makers? This reminds me of that.