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The site almost bankrupted him.

Eh, I was always a bit more fond of Bob’s :stuck_out_tongue:

Fuck all that “hey lets make our own rpg” nonsense.

going off topic…but thanks for the support that I receive here.

:mwahaha: Updated from Captain Nemo :mwahaha:

Anyone at RPG Classics want a taste for being an Moderator, here is your chance! RPG Makers Central Co is looking for 2 Global Moderators and 3 Moderator to help support us at RMCC. Any more information PM me either here or at RMCC.

-The Adminstrators-
Captain Nemo

What’s your avatar from anyway? It reminds me of some character from Final Fantasy Unlimited I forget about.

It is from Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water.

:moogle: Remember me, the guy who actually pull off supporting a website well? :moogle:

If not, please READ my freakin first post!

RPG Makers Central Co. has been risen from the dead to include an updated link to our little forum:


Moderators Needed!

Captain Nemo