Romancing SaGa: so, it's out now.

Anyone picked it up? I got it yesterday, but I don’t think I’ll play it for a while, since ‘real life’ has been pretty busy lately, and I am spending what little time I spend on video games trying to finish Stella Deus (which is also a very nice game, btw). No spoilers, though!

I picked up the game yesterday myself. It’s definitely a lot more involved than the original version and takes awhile to get used to. So far the main challenge is deciding what events to do. In my course to build up my party and get certain characters, I opened up plenty of places. I’m playing Aisha’s quest right now.

I bought the game and it seems to be very nice, although i just played it for 1h or so.
I think it’s (like all SaGa games) pretty hard, especially the big dinosaurs in the bginning (playing Gray’s quest).

I played Grey’s quest on ZSNES in Japanese, and the dinosaurs serve the purpose of telling you that you are NOT supposed to fight everything.

In any case I’m almost done with Aisha’s quest. It’s been a fun ride so far. Definitely quite involved and very nice game. Although I probably won’t play all eight quests in a row. Maybe switch to another game and the come back to this game later.

In any case I’ve completed the game. Over all it’s extremely nice. Definitely worth getting. However it may not be best to play all eight quests in a row as I mentioned. Spread them out. Of course I tried to do the same thing with Unlimited SaGa and I ended up playing all seven quests in a row in that game. Go figure. On a side note, I love Myriam and Farah.


How long did it take to complete the Aisha Scenario?

Eh did anybody hear something about an Europe-Release?

I hope we get it, since most of the good RPG’s never reach euopean shores.

It took me 46 hours or so to complete Aisha’s quest. Of course that number is effected by various circumstances. Getting used to the game, sometimes I had to leave the system running, getting lost and of course the events being done. Heck when I reached the final boss and failed to beat him, I decided to level up more and then did some events to get a new character in my party.

Lol I see you’ve changed your loyalties from Aisha to Myriam.

Well Aisha did have the advantage, I didn’t understand the dialogue and just winged it. However now that I do. She’s beaten out by Myriam. Of course I still love Aisha. So far in terms of the main females, I’m more fond of Claudia and Aisha than Barbara and Sif. I also have taking a liking to Silver, Farah and of course Myriam. Heck if I ever actually seriously play Romancing SaGa 2, you may see Cat ultimately get the boot or secure her place as my favorite.

Thus my final party for my final quest which will be Claudia (Main), Aisha, Myriam, Farah, and Silver. Thus I start with Aisha as my first main and end with Claudia as my final main as it were. Aisha gets me off to a good start and Claudia to me sounds like a good way to end it. Ie to reward myself for completing the six quests in between.

Just bought it this morning, any advice on who’s quest to do first?

I may try this game sometime - I wasn’t even aware that it had been released.
(Wow, first post in this forum!)

Get back to the kitchen, woman (until you actually own a SaGa game) and make me my damn cookies

I’ve only really played Aisha’s quest completely and I did just fine. She was my first quest. So if it worked for me it may work for you.

It’s out… of the package LOOOLLLL. I’m still waiting to play it :frowning: I just picked up Fire Emblem, and I’m playing that… along with PoP: The Sands of Time, a few DS games and the time it takes to get to them. >> But I’m looking forward to it, anyways. Though, I’ve never taken interest to any of the previous SaGa games.

Well, I finally got to play it some today. The voice acting is terrible . Especially the narrator. I didn’t think it was possible for characters’ voices to sound more overacted than in Star Ocean 3, but this comes pretty close.

I can see why you like Myriam, Ajora. I had already liked her because she was my nuclear cannon on the SFC game and because her “new look” is cool. But her voice acting is actually pretty good, too, unlike the narrator, Claudia, Neville, Eule/Owl… “Oh, crud…”

I died on Gray’s first boss, too. I overestimated my ability to last through the onslaught before healing, plus the First Aid kit was my only healing option. I also over-calculated the hits I’d need to kill each minion, and a miss and a Taunt slowed me down. It was pretty funny because I was just about to heal when the “big” one does his mega-Stink Bomb move and puts me in the red for all 3 of my guys. Next round, Galahad dies, Myriam dies, Grey heals Myriam, Grey dies. Myriam is standing there facing one little frog and the “big one” and says “Now it’s starting to get interesting.” (cute voice too). Needless to say she died, but not before taking out that last little “toad”. I couldn’t Quick Save because I was playing in a game store, so whee.

The thing is, out of 20-odd fights between Claudia’s and Grey’s beginnings, I never once sparked a tech. Another thing the characters didn’t like doing is gaining stats, in particular their primary damage stat (INT for Myriam, STR for Grey, etc.). I’m used to the old RS and the first SaGa Frontier which have the same stat system, except every battle usually ends with a slur of stat gains.

Oh well. I gotta go back later so I can see more of Myriam and Gray’s intro.

The fact that Aisha kind of sucks stat-wise probably influenced your change too. Hope you were using a DEX weapon on her.

I’ve got to figure out somehow on my first playthrough how I’m ever going to make good use of Dragon Knight, who I MUST use at some point because he’s a dragon-man, despite his sucky BP Regen and his 5(!!) LP.

Well, difficulty’s probably not a problem, I just like to go from the least to most cool in terms of storyline, ‘save the best for last’ you know.

From what I’ve played, and heard, difficulty may actually BE a problem when considering first-time scenarios.