Roll Call!

Here is where we get to know each other a little better, as if we needed to! Especially handy for the shy newbie, who doesn’t understand what’s going on, who’s who, and whether or not it’s a good idea to make an introductory thread.

Post as much about yourself as you’d like, so other forum members can know what you’re all about; post as little about yourself as you’d like, just enough to keep that air of mystery about you.

I’ll go first. :slight_smile:

Name: Kei. That’s all you get! I’ve been around the internet too long to think of giving out personal information like that!

Age: 19.

Likes: Kittens, bunnies, other cute animals, cookies, other yummy treats, dying my hair pretty colors. Also video games, especially RPGs. As for music: Gackt, Malice Mizer, Daft Punk, Savage Garden, and some game soundtracks. Other things not listed.

Dislikes: People who lie, people who believe people who lie without thinking, people in general, spiders, bugs that fly around aimlessly and spastically (like moths, or crane flies). But most especially trolls. And favoritism. And favoritism favoring trolls.

Short Bio: Named after the character played by HYDE in the film Moon Child. I spend too much time at home doing nothing productive, because I’m too afraid of the human race to go out and find a job. However, I’m not too afraid to go to college, mostly because I’m not required to talk to people most of the time there. I’ve one diagnosed but currently untreated mood disorder, and at least one undiagnosed mental disorder which I blame for my inability to call the many phone numbers I have to seek help for. Current main focuses in life are my cat, school, my significant other, and panic attacks.

I’ve been trying to reach out to more people, hence my hanging out here, but it’s going very slowly and not very well. If anyone thinks they’re cool enough to hang out with me send a PM my way and we can be best (or not best) pals! (omg Jamie this thread should totally be changed to the “weird ass dating site you hang out at”.com thread, lol)

Also, if anyone knows of any music stuffs that I might like based on the tastes I expressed above, PLEASE send a PM regarding that so I can look into it. I’ve been really desperate for new music lately. :frowning:

Favorite Forum Smilie: :chupon:

Yes, I’m THAT lazy

Very lazy, So Lazy in fact!

Name: GG Crono. Real name: John. That’s all you’s gettin’.

Age: 18. 19 in June.

Likes: Videogames, RPGs, fantasy novels, humorous things, pizza, Mel Brooks movies, rock and metal music, cute girls in japanese schoolgirl uniforms.

Dislikes: Bad puns, broccoli, reality TV, people who refuse to think logically.

Short Bio: What’s to say? I’m just Some Dude. I’ve been a gamer since I got my NES at age three, and I absolutely love RPG games. I’m particularly fond of SNES-era RPGs. I came across RPGC about two and a half years ago, and it’s quickly become my favorate hangout on the intarweb. My favorate color is blue.

Favorite Forum Smilie: :mwahaha:

Name: Mike

Age: 18

Likes: Bemani, Internet, Language

Dislikes: Forests and Arboreteums creep me the fuck out

Short Bio: After the death of a best friend, the line between the real world and the wired begins to blur. (bonus point oppurtunity)

Favorite Forum Smilie: :booster:

Yeah, cuz nobody knows who you really are.

Uhh… hi, my name is Mr. Saturn… long time reader, first time poster. People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late. I like ice cream, and a nice pair of slacks. Years later, a doctor will tell me that I have an IQ of 48 and I’m what some people call “mentally retarded.”

<A HREF=“”>clicka</A>

Name: Ashley or Ashy is nice. Although I respond to Eva as well =D

Age: 18 and three months

Likes: Animals, writing, reading, rpgs, dancing, shopping, girly stuff, paranormal, mythology, hispanic boys

Dislikes: People in general, girls, trends

Short Bio: I’m a recent high school graduate who is looking forward to attending paralegal school in fall of 2006. Currently, I work shitty hours at a shitty job and am waiting to change occuptions and work at a kiosk. I’m a big nature girl, who dislikes most people, however, I can be just as shallow and superficial as the people I dislike =D Especially when it comes to clothes and image and all of that stuff. I’m a big sucker for getting pampered, thus I spend a lot of money on spa products and all of that necessary bath stuff and I love perfume. I enjoy regular cotton spandex instead of disgusting thongs. Since I’m kind of an air head, the most important activities in my life right now, are making my rpg, planning my online domain, or reading Nancy Drew novels. The most important people in my life right now, are my loving boyfriend, and my mother. And my doggy. We are all going through a seperation from my father who ran out on us, but life isn’t really shitty because of that, just scary :stuck_out_tongue: I cannot wait for summer so I can get out and get a tan. I think that’s all of the interesting stuff. I enjoy talking with my friends Matthew and Charlemagne every night after midnight in group chats. It makes me feel good. And since this is my third edit and I’m being pressured to write more, I should say that those chats are the most fulfilling part of my night and I like it I love it I want some more of it. I tried so hard but I can’t rise above. Don’t know what it is about those little fellows lovin’ but I like it I love it I want some more of it.

Favorite Forum Smilie: :bowser:

edit: I should add, thats not even the half of it :open_mouth: There I kept my air of mystery. You dont know what my favorite food is

<b>Name</b>: Steve Chin-Hum-Links-Trestoria-Tin-Maronash-Etnarl-Daniel Sherrick VI (Also called Steve)

<b>Age</b>: 18 at the time of posting this

<b>Likes</b>: anything I don’t dislike

<b>Dislikes</b>: anything I don’t like

<b>Short bio</b>: Born in ohio at st. rita’s medical center on February 23, 1987 at around 7:30 am. Lived in Huber heights for a very small portion of life. Got a bloody nose from a fight when he was 3 (according to mother.) Moved to just outside of Wapakoneta, ohio on st. rt. 33. Lived there with his mother, father, and brother until 1990 or so. Moved into town aways on east benton street where he lived for the greater portion of his life. Went to preschool and was watched over by Miss Ann. (Side note: communicated with her up until 6th grade year of school). Went to kindergarten at Centennial Elementary and was taught by Mrs. Schnell alongside many of his early childhood friends. During kindergarten he ran out into the street after a basketball, literally dodging 2 cars in the process. Mother was terrified.
His sister Erin is born around this time.
Does not recall any details of 1st grade, coincidentally, he also doesn’t remember having any friends after this year. Second grade he was taught by M(r?)s. Turner. Sucker punched a kid following him home from school. Also faked being punched in the face for no apparent reason. Kid was suspended, Steve was relocated to a different portion of the room.
Third grade he graduated up to Northridge Elementary, was taught by a new teacher named Mrs. Rethman, and recalls going to church for most of his life up until after this year. He becomes friends with a child down the street from him by the name of Adam, and his sister Ericka. No puppy love for Ericka, she was quite a bitch, now that he recalls. Introduced to Chrono Trigger and Earthbound for the first time through this friend, also introduced to Lufia 2 via his older brother’s friends, and rents Final Fantasy 4j and 6j.
Fourth grade he has a horrible time with his teachers. Gets good grades, but is bitched at constantly by Mrs. Webb. Mrs. Brehm was quite nice to him; however, as he was quite good in science.
Fifth grade he goes to Buckland Elementary in a small town north of Wapak (Buckland, Ohio). He enjoys his new Playstation immensely, and purchases Resident Evil 2 with help from a paper route (man, it was only $36 back in the day). His friend (read::ONLY friend) Adam moves away for the final time, only occasionally visiting when at his father’s house across town. Hasn’t spoken to him to this day.
Sixth grade, big boy in middle school. Gets lost the first day, ends up half-crying. Finally makes it to his homeroom with Mrs. Griffo. Great teacher. Great year (Yay medieval fair). Does a book report over Infernal Sky (yes, <a href=“”>that</a> Infernal Sky.) for Mrs. Smith’s English 6 class. Gets an A, but also scares the living shit out of basically everyone in the class after basically retelling the <b>whole</b> story. Very verbosely, at that.
Seventh grade he ends up basically hating his homeroom teacher, as well as many of his classmates. Makes an ass out of himself. Makes a new friend, Brendon. Actually goes to his house and experiences what it’s like to be a rich only child. That bastard. Plays Age of Empires. Also experiences Fallout. Total w00tage.
Eighth grade is quite an interesting experience. Totally hits on a chick and fails because of her abnormally large chest. It still is quite large, whereas she is not. Actually enjoys his english teacher. Bonds with a few people and writes a 17 chapter book for an english assignment.
Ninth grade, uneventful. grows apart from friends, stays inside constantly. Writes a 16 page report on the history of squaresoft, A+, recieved almost double the possible points. Included a glossary with the report.
Special Note: Joined RPGC around this time. Actually had human interaction! giggle
Tenth grade, uneventful. Totally hits on NO ONE. Basically has no friends. Stays inside and plays games. Eventually becomes a hardass wanna-be. Totally 190 pounds throughout his sophomore year. Back in the same class as his 8th grade english teacher. Loves it. Takes Music History. Sits behind hot senior who A) wears low-rise jeans and B) always wears a thong. Gets an F on the final that’s curved to a B-. Needless to say, Music theory now has music history integrated into it, and is a full-year course. Thank you random hot slut. Thank you.
Junior year, woo. Completely rocks ass. Gets out of the house. Gets a job. Plays a live show with his band. Gets a girlfriend for the first time, totally makes out, etc. Ends horribly. Turns into a wussy for a good 3 months. Ends up wasting his time on the late shift not getting the pay he should, but not having the proof of it due to them not promising it in writing. Buys a lot of shit. Starts regularly hanging out. With <b>girls</b>. Buys the whole Runelords series of books. Enjoys them thoroughly.
Senior year. 2005. Completely and utterly AWESOME AS HELL. Takes programming classes. Learns Basic, Pascal, the basics of C++, Perl, C, Python, and Ruby, and gets PHP, MySQL, ASP, CSS, SSI, and HTML pretty well done. Installs linux (Side note: also mysteriously becomes a virgin again… somehow.).

Falls in love with someone extremely dear to him.

Small future mention: Graduates high school. Gets a new computer. Gets a job, and begins saving for college… what will the future hold?

So I was going to write one… but now i’m all in awe over a little something… so maybe later.

cuz you found out he’s in love with you?

giggle =D

I didn’t even plan that… but it’s part of my short bio…


Name: Mark (though I answer to many names)
Age: 17
Sex: Yesplz >.>
Location: Massachusetts
Likes: Good food, girls, boys, games, music
Dislikes: Bad food, stereotypical people, TV, radio
Bio: Grew up in a small college town, went to public middle school, private high school. Decently smart but extremely lazy. Interest in metal and music in general around 2002, hooked ever since.
Favorite smily: … smilies?

Name: Will.

Age: 20

Likes: Basketball, laying down phat rhymes, ladies, getting into hilarious and unlikely social situations, wearing shirts with outragous colors

Dislikes: Stuck up crackas. Carlton.

Short Bio: Now this is a story all about how my life got twisted upside down, and I’d like to take a minute, so just sit right there. I’ll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel-Air. In west Philadelphia born and raised, on the playground is where I spent most of my days chilling out, maxing and relaxing all cool and all shooting some b-ball utside of school, when a couple of guys, they were up to no good, started making trouble in our neighborhood. I got in one little fight and my mom got scared, she said your moving in with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air. I whisted for a cab and when it came near the license plate said fresh and had dice in the mirror. If anything i could say that this cab was rare but i thought "nah, forget it, yo home to Bel-Air!"I pulled up to the house around seven or eight. I yelled to the cabbie “Yo homes, smell ya later!” I looked at my kingdom i was finally there, to sit on my throne as the prince of Bel-Air

Favorite Forum Smilie: :suckah:

I’m glad you included all of that because I was going to say, your name isn’t Will :open_mouth:

Name: Mike

Age: 19 minus 3 months

<li>Swordfighting on Motorcycles</li>
<li>Action Games</li>

<li>People who play unnecessary games with others</li>
<li>People who think saying things makes them true</li>
<li>People who try to act unpredictable as if it’s a virtue</li>
<li>People who accuse others of being predictable, as if it’s consequential</li>
<li>People who think they’re rugged for hating school, their job, their life, the system, etc.</li>
<li>Anarchists and music elitists. Grow up.</li>
<li>People who make sweeping generalizations about heterogenous groups. Heheh.</li>

Bio: I’ve never been more than two hours away from London, Ontario, the city I was born in. I went and still go to school here, and it’s awesome. I have lots of cool friends and few real enemies.

I’ve had a pretty average childhood except for one traumatic experience that took place in grade one. I picked a fight with a grade two thinking I was invincible, and needless to say, I lost horribly. I’m convinced that experience is responsible for my lack of self-esteem and confidence in real life.

In grade two I fell off my bike and got a severe concussion. I had to stay in the hospital for eight days. Narcotic opiates are awesome when you’re a 40lb child. I was pumped with codeine until I recovered.

Grade three was hard for me, academically. Thankfully, I was still enthusiatic about school at that time. I worked my ass off, and by grade four I was beyond anyone else in my class. I won the math contensts every single time. My teacher made me conduct the contests from that point on so the other students would have an opportunity to win. I was miles ahead of the rest of my class until grade eight, when several other exceptional students showed their faces. My grade eight teacher had a habit of putting bonus questions on every test. The elite students (including myself) got beyond perfect on every single test, and marks of that nature were named after us. They were “Mike marks” and the likes. Grade eight was an amazing year for me.

High school was something else. The first day of high school was tedius as fuck, and everyone and everything was so filthy. The school itself had good facilities, but as far as looks went, it was little more than a hollowed out rock with cracked yellow walls and floors. It was converted from a monastery into a school about a hundred years ago, and I get the feeling it hasn’t been renovated since. It’s a catholic school with a built-in chapel and a real full blown pipe organ whose value probably exceeds the rest of the school in it’s entirety. It was fucking medieval, and I hated it.

The people weren’t much better. My classes festered with loud, obnoxious children and pretentious wannabe drug addicts. The halls were a sea of beastly seniors twice my height and five times as hairy, or at least it seemed that way at the time. I felt small. It was a world apart from grade eight.

The atmosphere was extremely unconductive to learning, and it eventually took it’s toll. I was murdered by english class. I kept my head above water in math and science but only barely. I grew away from my friends and by the end of the year they told me to stop hanging around with them. I obliged. I just didn’t share an interest in all the nerdy, boring shit they did anymore. I didn’t like their Warhammer 40k or sitting around while they talked about their boring-as-fuck social endeavors.

Things became so bad that I dropped out in grade 10 for an entire year. Yeah, that didn’t work out too well. Staying home and doing nothing seems great until you realize how fucking BORING it is. My activities were limited to sleeping twelve hours per day and bitching about how awesome evangelion is on web forums for the other twelve, when I wasn’t busy downloading thousands of japanese mp3s and pretending to be a scholastic rebel. Yeah, stay the FUCK in school, kids.

I went back the next academic year, and it was refreshing. I was out of practice, but the only subject I did really poorly in was phys. ed, which I was never very crazy about. Thank god you only need to take it once under this system. I got my 50% and never touched it again.

Since then I’ve made new friends and passed most of my classes. My marks were and still are extremely inconsistant. I’d get anywhere from 50 to 95 in my classes, but as long as I passed, it was all fine.

And uh, I guess that’s it for now.

Name: Danilo

Age: 29 at time of this posting

Occupation: Going for my masters, and then my docterate in parapsychology, and minors in sociology and humanities

Likes: Opera, sushi, fine wines

Dislikes: Religious Fanatics, American Extremists, and Stuck-up Conservatives

Very short bio: Born in Canterbury, raised in London, and now in the USA for college. I am married to my lovely wife, Amese, who is an arcologist. No children, yet.

<b>Name</b>: Jéson.

<b>Age</b>: 20

<b>Likes</b>: Fire, Food, PnP RPG, CRPG, Martial Arts, Monkeys, clean, solid defecation.

<b>Dislikes</b>: Lies, People who call me a liar, and fat chicks.

<b>Short Bio</b>: I am Rud. I hardly ever post in the forums. I generally just annoy people on IRC. I have two monitors for my computer; One for IRC, and the other for everything else. I’m always watching the chat, it seems. I have ADHD, so I get distracted alot. I’m also lazy and don’t finish alot of the things that I