Rocky Horror

I saw it for the first time today, not all of it. I’m no longer a virgin to the show, granted I am now quite mortified as is my friend who was humped by a guy in a gold speedo then carried away. That was so much fun. ^^
Has anyone else ever been to one of the shows?

ROCKY HORROR!!!1111`````` orgasmorgasmorgasmorgasmorgasmorgasmorgasmorgasmorgasm

<3 <3 <3

Absolutely. First time I saw it, had no idea what it was about. Saw it in theaters, too. Jesus fucking Christ. I’m like a cult-follower of it now. Got the soundtrack and the DVD. <3

I can claim to be called an asshole by an entire theatre.

Dare I ask why?

His name is Brad.

I saw this earlier this year, in January, in the theatre… and I’ve seen the movie multiple times…
“There’s no substitute for quality”


I saw it recently, got it on DVD. The main character immediately reminded me of Eden. Or Val. Or both.

They have a midnight showing of Rocky Horror every Friday night in Harvard Square. People get way into it.

i’ve been to a midnight showing, it was nice

Shit, I dressed up as Frankenfurter.

It’s funny, I was just thinking about this movie recently. The major thought that struck me was “Tim Curry is either gay or the most secure straight man to ever walk the earth.”

But then, Tim Curry’s never let me down in a film appearance, even bad ones like <i>Congo</i>.

Jo the Mighty, Frame and I (possibly others as well) had our own private midnight showing, as Jo hadn’t seen it before. Unfortunately, none of us dressed up and we had no water guns. What are the water guns for, anyway?

Also, I’ve been told that the Time Warp is, like, a staple dance at barmitzvas nowadays. Can anyone offer confirmation?

I think me and a friend are going to that one Friday or Saturday. At least I think it’s that one, I’m not familiar with the area.

You’re going to have to go on Friday night. I believe thats the only showing.

It must be the Harvard Sq theater, in Cambridge. Thats the only place that does the Rocky Horror shows.

They give you these goody bags full of stuff to throw at the screen and other junk.

The people who go practically recite the whole movie word for word. Its crazy.

Its a fun time though.

Just be careful walking through Harvard Square at 2am after the show.

I’ve been enough to actually know members of the local cast pretty well.

When I was a virgin, I got to play ‘start your engines,’ which is where you hump your partner across the stage, down the isle, and back up in a relay race.
I ended up with a 22-year-old man named Drifter, with bihawks and fiend makeup, as my parter, so my memory of Rocky Horror virginity is humping him a good forty meters and back, falling down twice, and still winning the damn race.

It’s Saturday night at midnight in Cambridge. Yea, that’s where I’ve always gone to. Awesome crew up there.

Friday, Saturday, I got them mixed up.

Its been a while since I’ve gone. I don’t live in Cambridge anymore.

I have fond memories of gaming Friday night and then going to Rocky Saturday. Then to Bickford’s after. <3

Kairi, when are you going?

Saturday, more than likely

edit; I am definetly in need of directions

I think there’s a midnight show weekly back in my old stomping ground.

I still haven’t seen it though… I was reading this thread hoping for some education, maybe thinking I might be missing something.

Are you driving or taking the train? And from where?