Rocky Horror

There used to be a midnight showing at an old theater nearby every Saturday night… They would send you through the “birth canal” if it was your first time there. People would act it out as the movie went along. But the theater closed down a few months ago.

The bus stops right at Harvard Square. I think I need more of a description for what I’m looking for rather than directions there.

Ok, well the theater is on Church Street first of all.

The bus should drop you off inside the station, unless Hvd Sq isn’t the last stop. Exit the station from the main entrance/exit. You’ll be in “the pit” when you get outside. From there, cross the street. You’ll see the Harvard COOP in front of you. Go right. You’ll pass a big Bank of America, a convenience store, and some shop that sells body lotions and stuff. When you reach the lotion store on the corner, take a left. Thats Church Street. There is a big ass church on the corner across from the lotion store, hence the street name. The theater is in front of you, on the left. You shouldn’t be able to miss it.

And if for some strange reason you can’t find it, just ask someone. They’ll point you in the right direction.

Thanks ^^

No problem.

Do you go to school in Boston?

I think I’m beyond city limits. So…no?

I kinda meant the general Boston area.

What college do you go to?


You so can’t go tonight. I’m doing a fundraiser. :frowning:

tonight as in friday or saturday?