Rocko's Modern Life

I know some people know of it and its greatness. The question is, how does one acquire its episodes? I fear it is not available on DVD. Seeing Invader Zim and Mighty Max in the fservs has rekindled my desire to acquire the episodes of my once beloved show.

Man, if you find out, tell me immediately. Rocko’s Modern Life was the best back in the day.

<center>:hint: cough:hint:</center>

Epic rocks.

I know.

Hey, Epic also found episodes of Salute Your Shorts. :smiley:

Of course he rocks.

It must be said: Wee Wee!

Yay nostalgia, if my internet actually becomes stable I’m gonna grab some of these too.

Rocko’s Modern Life is still on Noggin. Comes on occasionally.

Mighty Max? Zim? Rocko’s Modern Life? Dude, Sin, you fucking rock.

Concurred, definitely one of the best.


RML is nothing compared to “Doug” and “The Smoggies.”

I didn’t really like Doug. Rocko’s Modern Life was an awesome show. The Rugrats, too. And Are You Afraid of the Dark?

I loved Are You Afraid of the Dark! I watched it constantly when I was little. Invader Zim and Rocko’s Modern Life where awsome too. And, if you want to watch Rocko show thing, watch Nicktoons.

Doug sucked, no offense. It was so lame. He was always freaking out over the smallest little things, and worrying about what other people thought of him. And what the hell kind of name is the “Honker Burger”? I mean really, honker?

Yeah, Doug sucked the cock. It sucked. Nuff said.

Rocko’s Modern Life kicked your ass, and then hugged you after it was all over :smiley:

He really did like Mayonaisse, after all.

Rocko’s Modern Life was cool. I liked Ren and Stimpy, Ahhh! Real Monsters, and Action League Now better.

R&S and ARM were all awesome shows. SpikeTV is redoing R&S these days, but I heard it’s not as good.

The creator of Ren & Stimpy must be kept on a short leash or else he will try to kill anything he gets near.