RO: The Invasion

I still think the incident when the entire Prontera Field was down was one of the worst…anyone remember that? I vividly remember people near the exits of towns with open chat rooms saying “DO NOT LEAVE YOU WILL BE DELETED”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah, that one was funny. I couldn’t access my character, since the area was done. I played the whole deal with a newly created Merchant. XD

Heh, I actually thought it was a joke when somebody was warning everyone, but then I saw about ten more chat rooms with about the same topic, so I figured the wisest thing to do was to just idle for a while. It turned out to be a much better decision. :mwahaha:

I don’t think the characters would be deleted.
Only they been disconnected. >_>;;

Holy crap!
I remember that!
That was pretty freakin hilarious. I had to get from Izlude to Pron, but I couldn’t :stuck_out_tongue: