RO: The Invasion

Actually, Katana’s appear as 2-handed swords. This appeared as a 1-handed sword.

Isn’t Muramasa a 2H Sword though?

Yeah it is.

Point. But that doesn’t explain what a Wanderer drops that would look like that. I know for a fact katanas appear as 2-handed ones.

Maybe a pirate skellton spawned while the FP was going off and dropped a 3 slot RPS.

Bwah, pirate skellies weren’t part of the spawns. It was Mysteltainn and Wanderer. Here’s the info on both:


Anyway, my whole perspective on this invasion fsdjfa: geh^2.

It was painfully evident to me that the servers simply cannot handle the massive player exodus from city to city. If the Kafra ladies had free-will of their own, I’m sure they would have commited suicide - 10 times - before actually dying because the lag would have prevented them from instantly killing themselves.

At certain points, I literally exploded (to death) after just arriving in town. Then disconnected, logged on, killed again (most likely by an explosion of some sort), disconnected.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Though, whee, I did get to, erm, attack some stuff (mimcs and tyrfings mostly) if I was wiley enough to arrive at a town during the beginning of that invasion segment before the deluge of <s>stupid</s> people rushed in for the slaughter (whether this be of themselves, or the enemies…but mostly themselves).

Isc’s personal rating: 3 Chicklets out of 10

Less lag plz, kthx.

And then…goodnight. ^^

Yay, you came here Isc. Nice to have ya. (This is Tally if Frame didn’t tell you >_>).

Yeah, that was quite frusterating. What I loved was when I warped to Al De Baren only to have the server go down for the entire length of that invasion. Ah well. I’m just glad I didn’t max Fire Pillar afterall since it gives me more points to screw around with (3 more to JT, 9 to SG).

I was disappointed by the utter lack of MVPs (well at the end there were a couple Baphos and Dopples but that was it). It was mainly Mysteltain and Wanderer kicking everyone else around. And ugh. Lag bad. Poor Kafra ladies- it was annoying waiting 3 minutes to get a warp.

I hope you’ll be on for Comodo tonight =P

Originally posted by Kagon
I hope you’ll be on for Comodo tonight =P

Oh monsieur Kagon (or madamoiselle Tallyna?) - oui, oui! Of course moi will be attending for the Comodo this fine evening. Besides, I must try out some of those new class skills to see how well they fare.

Ah yeah, new skills. Since I’m already in Pront I might as well grab Holy Light for Chime.

Ugh, it’s up but everyone is jamming the login server.

Ahh, absolutely excellent. We should all run down to Comodo Dungeon where we shall promptly be struck down by Mermain, Penos, and other fishy stuff. It’ll be great fun.

And down they go.

Well, yeah. They accidentally put the servers up with only half the stuff implemented. Flinty and I are still on though >_>

How…bothersome. Le sigh, but I suppose this is Gravity we’re talking about, anyway. They always seem to fail at the times when it’s most important.

Like with the implemenation of Comodo, for example! =D eye twitch =D =D

Yeah seriously. I was shocked enough when the servers were back up on time, so I didn’t think about any problems. Then I log on as Eiluvial to get her out of the Stings map. I get a nice UNABLE TO LOAD GARGOYLE SPRITE error like 15 times before RO explodes. It was kinda funny =P

Hope I don’t jinx it when I say that “The game is up”? Because it is, you know. ^^

Oh! Isc! Whats up man? Nice seeing you here. :smiley:

Heya =D

I haven’t seen you in awhile. Your characters are still in the guild, so it doesn’t seem like you’re ever on. x_x;

That because I’m waiting for my account to be activated, I sent the money order last Friday.