RO: The Invasion

To celebrate the coming of Commodo, they invaded the towns with a lot, but I really mean, I LOT of difficult monsters.
I was there. I always died on the first hit, but it was fun.
And I took screenshots for you all

Why are there monsters in a town? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

And wasn’t this stupid Commodo bullshit supposed to happen like 3 weeks ago?

Lots of MMORPGs hold monster attack events where there are tons of strong monsters that swarm and attack the cities. Working together with everyone’s what makes it fun.

Poor idling merchants.

Yea, in RO I get the feeling those serve the purpose of being both fun and to prevent idling merchants from idling so much.

It happens like twice a year, that isn’t much of a deterrent.

Were they released into the capital? There must have been a TON of deaths within the first ten seconds if you’ve seen how many merchants idle there.

I think they hit every city. I was logging out after they hit Geffen, and they had already hit Morroc, Alberta, and Payon. The invasions overall were meh since it wasn’t near the magnitude of the Sakray attacks.

The monsters spawns near the Kafra respawn spots, and swarm into any newcomer.

They are making another invasion event right now.

I tried warping to Al De Beran, and warn them, to take a defensive position…
And we where still pwned. lol

Al De Baren’s down right now so you can’t warp there anymore. It’s a tad annoying.

That be funny if, if people fail to save a town in 30 minutes after the attack, the town would be offically destroyed, and locked for a couple hour. =P

Heh, I was able to kill some stuff by dropping an FP on it. However, Wanderer decided that I living for a minute was too long so he killed me in 1 shot.

I killed a Sohee on Loki ;;
then she dropped a card and I died before I could get it ;
cries ;_;

Aww :frowning:

Hugs Flintedge

Worst. Luck. EVER.

So Pron’s being invaded. Yay, Wanderer, I hate your face, so I cast Fire Pillar on it. Oh look, a SWORD drops. That’s Murasama worth 35 mil or more. Mystellian walks over and kills me before I can get it. Ugh. Just ugh.

Yeah that’s like 20 times worse than losing a Sohee card ;;
hugs ;

Wow… Murasama… Sohee card…

Did they fucking put drop rate x100 for it? O_o

I seen a Ghostring card this morning in Morroc x_x;;

No, but when there’s 1000 Wanderers are more summoned total tonight, the chance of a Murasame dropping at least once is 10%.

Not quite 10% but it’s close.

(I believe if 10000 were summoned there would be a 63% chance)

Yeah, and it seems 2 other Murasames were dropped too (and they were also looted. Poor wizards.)

Uuh those most likely weren’t murasama, katanas are wanderers normal drop.

I missed all the invasions because of class.