RO: Golden moments

Its been a month since I have quitted the world of Ragnarok Online. Since then, I went to play many other console games I had missed during my subscription.

However, the time have come to me to compile and share the moments that made this game such a great game. Follow that link for a collection of pictures of moments that marked me over the past months.

Needlessly to say, you’ll should be able to see me back again on the Chaos server rather pretty soon.

Yeah, I think I’m coming back too. I miss that game…

Wait ramza…You dont have a credit card. How do you pay?

RO was the only MMORPG that kept me interested for more than a few weeks. That said, it was actually pretty fun.

Originally posted by Devillion
Wait ramza…You dont have a credit card. How do you pay?

The same way I do. Paypal, Money Orders, etc etc…

I need to start taking screenshots of my adventures in Vana’Diel. FFXI.

Those screenshots a pretty cool. And that wasn’t a poring, it was a lost metroid.

I’m trying to, y’know, actually pay some money to them, but I can’t seem to log onto my account. After everything eveyrone’s said about this, I really want to play it (one month = about £6 is good for me :D), but apparently they don’t want my money. It just says ‘We change our domain name to’ on a white background.

Yeah see, they handed down new passwords after the hacking problem. check your email to see if you still have it.
Else, you need to create another account

Did you go to that URL? If so, and it still doesn’t come up, try pressing Ctrl+F5 (or Shift+F5) to force Refresh the page.

Alternatively, go to and click the International link.

Thanks. Turns out it my firewall. Again.

Now this game I like. Unlike other MMO’s I’m actually getting into it. The cuteness factor helps I think. Lvl 22/17 Swordman so far.

And why in the name of GOD did they put the oh-so-hard Creamy’s in the newbie area?::dekar!::

Simple, they where Fabres. They evolved into Pupas. Then into Creamies. Now no newbies can kill them :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, there often a stronger than average monster in some area

Martins east of Geffen,
Creamies everywhere Fabres where
And those ladybugs west of Geffen >_>

Soon(ish) Hunter Flies in Geffen 1 again :D. Mmm… first class slaughter…

Wich means people are more likely to move to Payon 3-4 =P

Mmm Munak slaughter. >_>

Anyone who gets good exp in Geffen 1 as it is won’t last 5 seconds in Payon 3.

Side Note 1: Hodes are much better exp than Munaks and there aren’t aggressives there (Note: There will be Hunter Flies at hodes in the future probably)

Side Note 2: Payon 3 is ungodly bad exp, the enemies have way too much HP for the exp they give. For instance, a Whisper has about 2/3 the HP of a Munak and gives almost double the exp.

Except that with the whispers, you will be mobbed down by all those P.Spores, the argos, and the few and rare Jakks and Bathory. The mobs can get quite nasty, I often had to fend off 6, 10 or even more monsters at the same time.

Munaks and Boguns aren’t that bad. I can stay around in Payon 3 far longer than I did on Geffen 2.
HP aren’t the only factor. There’s also the defense, the element (They had a weakness to fire, I had a fire Claymore), the diversity of the monsters (Again, Jakks hurts. So much. T_T), and the number of monsters. (Payon 3 have proven to be good and stable xp when you don’t rush in the giant mobs room.)

But anyway, the point is, people just will go train elsewhere, like Orcs, Hodes or Savages. People aren’t stupid to stay where uber dangerous monsters could slay them with ease

<.<;; hunterflys are satan. I don’t see why the have to be everywhere now, some people are still novices who fight for themselves.

It REALLY doesn’t make sense to put an agressive monster that’s two or three times the average level of the other monsters in the same area as them. Unagressive I can be okay with, but you’re just asking for an influx of high levelers who will probably get annoyed with all the “helaplz” and “canutankme”.

I duno, I don’t think gravity will start randomly dropping HUNTERFLIES in maps… unless they become a rare spawn… like really rare.


You think thats the worst?

THEY GONNA DROP MIMICS AND RIDEWORDS IN MASSIVE AMMOUNTS EVERYWHERE!!!1111 (Read: High spawning rate of Mimics or Ridewords in GH’s Graveyard and Clock Tower 1 and 2)

I’ve seen screenies of the Rideword mobs. It’s just yeah…

The kind of mobs that’ll make invasion green in envy :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by Kagon
I’ve seen screenies of the Rideword mobs. It’s just yeah…

Those screenys were of either the enitre maps ridewords trained together or from a private server to scare people. I honestly can’t wait for the monster changes. Thet make the dungeons for partying and the fields for soloing. I doubt it’s as bad as first reaction hell people thought all acolytes were screwed when they added flies and mimics there and the acos are still bombing away even though they added an MVP too that likes the cross. It’s not like acos can’t easily do a prison mag either. We had a ME priest train prisoners there and he was fine imagine if he was an Int/Vit.