RO: Golden moments

This is kinda off-topic (still about RO), but your sig is 16 levels old Frame. >_>

Beh, the whole thread went off topic :stuck_out_tongue:

We need a new Official RO thread >_>

My sig is 16 levels old because I don’t have anywhere to upload to. I lost the password to my webspace.

Question : Can Golden Thief Bug snipe back with monster skills now?
Or will he just loose agressiveness instantly if he can’t reach you?

Can I make the new official thread? :D::DD:DD

Can I make some suggestions on your sig?


  1. After Juno, SCC Card is just +1 def, a Pupa card (+700 HP) or Pecopeco card (+10% HP) would be much more useful.

  2. On the flip side, why Padded Armor? Chain Mail gives more defense.

Ahahahha, well Frame… all those people don’t have my luck when it comes to spawns =D

When I went to the prison, with QLORA no less, I died 15 times to hunterflies -.-;;;; and she was doing her best to keep me alive.

Soooo… while I am sure most people won’t suffer from a few hunterflies, some of us have ungodly luck when it comes to spawning pain =D

(Last night I made graveyards in the CT with alarms <.< >.> I still got it XD)


Argg… Are you serious!? Are there gonna be ANY critical cards? If you get a SS card now, will it change to 1 defense even if it’s already used? And I wanted whatever the thing below full plate was. I made the list about 4 last night while talking to Frame. >>;; I also found out I’m going luck. But it’s not enough luck to interfere with my dual dagger stuff.

SS© = Skeleton Soldier
SC© = Steel ChonChon

And those appreveations confused me too… unless I’m wrong, in which case meh.


I said SCC Card, so I don’t know how CC stands for Skeleton. (Although ChonChon seems to be named Chonchon now so it should probably be just SC Card anyway)

Never mind, it has been revealed that the +1 def was in fact a typo, and it remains at +2 def.