RIP Members

Has you seen a member at RPGC or one that you co-moderating just gave up on life and commited suicide?

RIP Tanner: 1991-2006

Only fifteen years old? Is he in the news somewhere? :confused:

One of your moderaters commited suicide? Sorry to hear that…


My condolences.

What was the name of the very-short-term staffer during the Jim era that died? I’m sorry to say that I’ve forgotten after all of these years… >_>


My deepest condolences as well.

Life sure can be cruel.

He co-created RMCC, was a member at MT. Evidences concluded that he commited suicide because his profile clearly shows suicidal, the warning signs were there and help came too late. I did not know him well, but he made an impact with two of my co-adiminstrators, because they felt guilt in some level to this incident.

GUilt about suicide is one of the worst things, since it’s nearly impossible to prove false. I know that too well.

May he find happiness in whatever afterlife he believed in.

So sorry to hear that. My condolences.

C. Nemo, I just looked at the thread about Tanner on your forums, and it shows that Tanner posted in the forums after the topic was made. I’m in no position to question the authenticity of the event, but that’s not kind of possible.

Yeah, I know, he came back from the dead to announced that his attempted suicide didn’t work. Irony isn’t it. He still shook up the site and fellow adminstrators for while.

So he was looking for publicity? He supposedly jumped off a cliff, and lived?

Yup, his profile had the warning signs. He also posted a topic at RMCC saying that He Hates Everyone.

Emo orange, anyone/

He supposedly jumped into water and expected it to be a suicide, and then came back to post empty death threats over the internet to fellow 15-year-old.

Edit: Well, I guess flame wars are something worth coming back to life for.

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wicked, send pics.