Rewards for Smoking

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Is it just me or is that completely wrong? It’s like promoting smoking almost. “Hey, smoke and you can get free stuff!” I mean, most people have some idea that smoking is dangerous, but I wouldn’t be surprised if people started smoking just for the chance to win a prize if more of these popped up.

Yes indeed, some people are just stupid enough to fall for it. And frankly, I’m disgusted by that kind of advertisement. We’re talking about something hazardous, something that busts a person’s lungs and those of anyone who spends too much time nearby. We’re talking about something that is a proven cause of cancer, one of the greatest plagues of our time. I’m disgusted to see how some people still try to encourage this practice.

Ah. I have a reason now. <<;; its all for the TV baby, alllll for the TV.


No comment.

I see your point definitely (I’m practically allergic to tobacco smoke), but couldn’t someone just lie about being a smoker to get the TV?

I’m going to make one that says: “If your a smoker and your over 18, click here to win your free Black Lung disease!”

And make it a link to

And the picture will be of a person’s black tar infested lungs after a life of smoking.

Oh yeah, that reminds me Vicki, you’re not the only one with that sensitivity. When I was a little kid, I tended to flush every piece of tobacco I could find down the toilet. These days, I feel so disgusted I can’t even pick it up to do that. And I’m also very sensitive to smoke, not only because of my despise for that substance, but also because of my allergies. If there’s even a little bit of that kind of smoke in the air, my nose immediately picks it up and my throat starts getting dry and irritated. I honestly don’t understand why some people actually like that stuff. Just the smell makes me want to puke. The worst part is those disrespectful people who go around spreading that pestilence and forcing others to breathe their pollution.

Mine’s not as extreme as yours. My skin gets red and itchy whenever I’m in an enclosed room with smokers.

The prize is a tumoror even worse you end up like Ashey Larry

“Smoke yourself thin!”

That’s really messed up.

Usually smoke from cigarettes and the like only give me a mild headache but I stilll think it’s a really stupid thing to do.


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I don’t see how people can be so offended, specifically Manus. Like, if it bothers you then that’s ok - some people have allergies. If it truley makes you ill then either move away from the source or simply ask the person to put it out because it does make you sick.

It’s not a big deal, and I as a smoker would be happy to oblige.

As far as the ad goes, so what? I don’t see how it promotes smoking at all - if you’re dumb enough to start smoking for a plasma tv then you’re just plain retarded, which is something that the rest of the planet will just have to deal with. Furthermore, I don’t see how it promotes anything other than saying “this is a contest for people who smoke, not for people who do.” It’s like a contest for men or something - I mean, would that encourage people to have sexual reassignment surgery? Come on.

Who’d want to be a man anyway? >.>

I have no problem with smokers, but it’s the advertising that disturbs me. Yes, you’d have to be retarded to smoke just for this, but I’m sure there’d people who’d do it (c’mon, a coupla bucks for a chance to win a TV? (unless of course there’s a clause to prevent this)).

I don’t think its a very big deal at all.
First of all, banner adds work on a very small number of people (proportionaly, think about how many people use the internet these days). Banner ads are used since there just so damn cost effective. Internet ad fees are tiny compared to buying a billboard or a radio or TV ad.

Second, they smoking part its just there to catch your eye. Hey, it caught your eye, you got pissed off and complained about it by making a thread, and you don’t even smoke. It probly would catch a smoker’s eye, since well, he already smokes, mine as well try to get a TV out of the deal

But really, what kind of moron would start smoking to click a banner ad? I could see smoking to look cool or piss of athority figures but not to click an ad. I mean, people try there hardest to avoid internet ads.

EDIT: Damn guess i typed this to slow

Im guess the people who would take up smoking to click a banner ad, would have started smoking eventualy anyway

But instead of eventually, they start now. Which is increased revenue for tobacco, which is increased taxes for government, which is… etc. etc. blah blah… conspiracy to rule us all.

That first sentence is slightly true though. They’d start now instead of a month or a year.

I’m a little jaded on this subject:

My grandma smoked, I tried with every breath of life in me to stop her habbit as she recovered from a heart attack. She is now on Oxygen at the ripe old age of 68 and guess what, she still cant break her shitty habbit EVEN THOUGH HER LIFE DEPENDS ON IT.

My girlfriend smokes, its nasty, I kiss her, I know. Smoking not only ((((( IMO EVERYONE ))))) makes you look stressed out (I hear it all the time, “It calms my nerves” which is bullshit), you’d be calmer if you hadnt developed a habbit that your body becomes addicted to and craves like the zombie to the brain.

“I can quit when ever I want to” Sure, but if your own life span isnt enough motivation then what CAN motivate you do somthing important?

I just hate it because I view it as a drug. People do it, thats fine, I despise it. This is my opinion because I’ve seen how it affects people I love. I’ll do my part ANY DAY to get smoking outlawed, but it’ll never happen.

Cause people can quit if they want to.

Izlude, that site you gave earlier said “According to the Royal College of Physicians nicotine is as addictive as heroin and cocaine.” There are rehab centers for heroin and cocaine too. My dad having stopped smoking for about 10 years still has passing thoughts of having a cigarette. Maybe it really is hard to quick smoking then, since it is a drug as you say.

Smoking will never be outlawed since it is a big business, and for some states it is what makes up most of that states economy.

I’m glad we don’t have those in Norway.
Maybe because it’s illegal to advertise for cigarettes in Norway.