Remember Ancient Wizardry?

Well, I finnished it. Yeah, you heard me right. It’s done. Normally, I’d just post the remainder of it, but it’s been so damn long that some of you may need a refresher.

Sooo…here it is in it’s entirety. Just beacause I’m picky, I’m not going to call it the “finallised” version, but it’s done enough to show off. Enjoy.

And always remember: My rediculously small ego loves your feedback very much.

EDIT: Bad link removed. Download story here.

Umm, sorry, GG, I got a “forbidden access” response to that link.

Remote Host: []

You do not have permission to access
Data files must be stored on the same site they are linked from.

Thank you for using 50megs


Okay…problem solved. I got some upload space from a friend of mine that should work just fine. I apologize for the inconvienence. Please don’t let this stop you from reading this. ^^;

If it’s not a big deal, I’d like to bump this once. I’m really hoping that the bad link didn’t put people off…it IS fixed now.

I’m sorry, I’d just really like to hear what people think of the ending. (Or of the story as a whole, if you’ve never seen it.)

Don’t worry GG, I’m reading and will finish it as soon as I can to comment properly. For now though it looks very good. How about posting it on

I tried that once, but didn’t care for it. For one, it rapes the formatting to no end, and more importntly, for some weird reason I can’t acess the site itself…it’s just been refusing to load properly for me for the longest time. I still have some old versions of the first six or seven chapters on them, and I WOULD very much like to either take them down or upload updated versions.

What’s the problem? I’ve had a weird problem with where I can’t see the fics listed, unless I choose to jump one page forwards and then use the “Backwards” button on the browser to go back, whereupon the list magically shows up.

GG- I like the ending. :slight_smile: It paid off very nicely, and the little twist about who killed Solego was well thought-out, I genuinely didn’t see that coming. The epilogue does feel a little rushed and lacking in detail, though- would I be right it guessing this was written at the end of a particularly long session? As for hosting, I’ll stick it up in the writer’s bloc on my site, chunk by chunk, if you want- it may take a while to sneak it past my host but we’ll get there eventually. :slight_smile:

…Maybe I should post some of my original works for everyone to have a look at…

It’s exactly what I said, weird as it sounds. The site just…doesn’t open. Not one bit of it. I really wish I could explain it in more detail than that. shrug

Heyyyyyy nice!
I like it a lot, and I love your writing style!
You have more stories hidden away somewhere?

Not yet. :wink:

I actually have an idea for a fanfic I’d like to try, but I;d rather not let any details out at this point.

aww nuts…
Well let me read it when you decide to write it and I’ll be happy =)

Don’t worry, Elysial, I can assure you it’s gonna be a great story. GG’s a good writer, and he has me helping him hammer out the details of said fanfic, so there’s no way it can’t be abso-fucking-lutely great.

(Because he knows that Val will kill him if he doesn’t do a good job >_>)

That reminds me. Please, PLEASE start locking the closet that you keep your whips in. >.>;

I’d type something relevant except I’m too busy laughing…
pictures Val and Weiila with whips
Oh dear me…

Weiila and Val as dominatrixes is an old joke around here. Moreso for Val than Weii. :hahaha;

Anyway: Crono, I downloaded the story. Wow, it’s longer than I expected! Still, I WILL read it first chance I get, and let you know my opinion.

BTw, is this based on the old RPG of the same name?

I assume you mean Wizardry? Not in the least bit. I have never played any of them, and barely heard of it until somewhat recently. This is a work of completely original fiction.

Personally, I hate to play the dominant role in Bed. I mean, that requires work and effort! And anyone who really knows me knows that that goes against nearly everything I stand for.