Relationship help please

I may see mushy or whatever for posting shit like this, but it’s twofold: I need to get this out of my system and I do need some help with this.

My girlfriend Mary doesn’t seem to think I’m faithful to her. This stems from two things: One would be kissing another girl and the other would be from doing a psuedo-phone sex thing with another.

The kissing is from back in early March but she still doesn’t seem to have gotten over it. The phone bit is from about a week and a half to about a week ago. I have no feelings for either of them and both were spur of the moment things but they’re fucking up my entire life right now.

I need some advice. She’s all broken up over this, and I don’t know what to do.

Dude, I hate to say it, but if you fucked around like that then she’s got good reason to hate you. It doesn’t matter if they were spur of the moment things or whatever, you fucked up big.

I mean you didn’t learn anything from kissing that other girl, and then you go and have goddamn PHONE SEX with another girl. Have you got any idea how that makes your girlfriend feel? She’s now lost all trust for you so of course she won’t believe you still like her over other girls.

In my opinion, you deserve all the shit you get.

It’s quite simple. You don’t go and fucking have phonesex with someone if you’re dating someone else :stuck_out_tongue:

…why on earth did you kiss another woman and then have phonesex? where you stoned?

Sorry, but i agree with urk on this one. You’re stupid, and screwed.

Earn back her trust after fucking up:P

This could be rewritten, without any meaning changes, like this:

“I have been unfaithful towards my girlfriend and now she thinks I am unfaithful to her”.

Grow some more maturity before you get into a date.

  1. Stop doing things like that!

  2. You might not be able to fix anything. The only healer is time, and if you keep periodically fucking up, well… =p


Echos are common around here I see.

As for doing that shit I don’t know why I did – still working on that.

I’m usually more mature and responsible than this. I dunno, it’s probably the fact that it’s a girl and I’ve grown up knowing like none of them. I think my sis said it best: The only smarts I gots is book smarts.

So I’ve got a lot of talking and explaining to do I guess. I gotta figure out a way to earn back her trust now. Thanks for the advice and shit calls.

Its cuz there’s nothing else to say, dude :stuck_out_tongue:

There ain’t much that can be said, but regardless, sometimes you just have to hear it from someone else before it can register.

Stop doing stuff like that and she’ll have no reason to think you’re unfaithful. ^^
But overall, unless she’s extremely forgiving, I’d say this relationship’s probably gonna end on a bad note.

Everyone has lapses in judgement sometimes. All you can do is not fuck up anymore, period, and after a long time, she’ll begin to trust you again. Or, you can break up with her. Either one could do well, but I imagine, if she hasn’t dumped you by now, she really wants to give this a chance. She wants to trust you and wants to make it work. Either that or she doesn’t know what to do with herself :stuck_out_tongue: But I’m not so pessimistic. I’d say she wants to trust you. So from now on, present yourself in a way that would garner her trust; you teach people how to treat you. Remember that.

break up with her and go out with the girl you had phone sex with.

Uhm Phoerret… I’d say you fucked up. BADLY. You really haven’t shoen much faithfulness.

I would suggest apologizing to her, telling her you screwed up, and then asking her if she wants to leave you. If so, let her go. You brought this on, and just keeping it going anyway is going to hurt both of you even worse. If not, you have a second chance. And DON’T break her trust. Without trust, there is no love.

I try VERY hard, despite my particular… weaknesses and attitudes…, to make sure Weiila trusts me.

I’d say it depends on what you told her :stuck_out_tongue: If you went all “No! It’s not how it looks like! I can explain!” after you kissed the girl, and the same way after you had phonesex, you’re in deep shit :stuck_out_tongue:

Listen to this guy. He’s the only one who knows what he’s talking about.

I’d consider that but a) I’m way too faithful to Mary to consider that right now and b) she’s not the kind of person I’d like to date again.

You’d actually consider that? Jeez, if you didn’t see my sarcasm then you really are in trouble…

If you noticed I said I wouldn’t consider it.

Can’t believe you actually posted something like this, but…yeah, you’re screwed. Being unfaithful with your other is the worst thing you can ever do in a relationship.
And I still don’t understand how anyone can get off to any kind of sex other than the real thing.