Reddit post from someone wanting to make a shrine

Link to post.

Can we make something happen for this person?

Problem is that I’m the only one that occasionally reads the e-mails sent to staff and I’ve been busy. I’ve contacted him now.

Can confirm - Hooked up by Nulani. Thanks, Nulani. =)

Hi everyone.

Now I’ve lots of work to do.

If you want, you can add me as a CC or I can read the emails. I occasionally still receive emails about my shrines and I respond to them as soon I’m able.

feels like it’s been forever since I did so many of those shrines. I wouldn’t even know where to begin these days. Kudos for trying to get one, and for such a great game too.


Yea, I’ve always enjoyed this game. I wrote a walkthrough on it for GameFAQs (which I now plan to bring over to this shrine), and hacked it as well. So provided I can get all the work done, it should be a really nice shrine when it’s done. I think my toughest challenge will be the images. I’m a programmer, not an artist! =)

Welcome aboard.

Thanks. =)

I’m surprised this site isn’t as active as I thought it was. I know a lot of people who come to this site. Usually when I’m chatting with a friend online and an old game comes up (very often), we launch this site and other wikis as we’re talking about them. I just finished the Spells page now I’m going to go eat some spaghetti and watch some Netflix, then I’ll be back.

Hi There, Welcome to the forum! :smiley: I go by the name Helios19 and I’m a not so common person around (let alone a veteran like many of the others) but that doesn’t take away from the fact that I love this site and the people here. You sound really passionate for RPGs, I’m sure you’ll be great addition to RPGC. Have a good one and see you around! :slight_smile:

yes yes, welcome to RPGC. I used to go by the name Orakio when I actually did shrines here. I did a lot of the Genesis shrines and it was pretty much my specialty… then again, that was half a life ago :p.

As far as pictures go, it’s easier than you think, especially if you’re looking to grab a picture of just an enemy or an item. I used Paint for just about everything. Just erase everything outside of it. though making the background transparent might require the use of Gimp or Photoshop (I prefer Gimp because it’s free).

I haven’t done anything like that since I was about 17 or so, but if you need help with the images, let me know. I might be able to work with you on it.

Damn dude, some of us have been trying to do that for like 15 years…and you succeed in your first day. Mad props.

some guys just have all the luck. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Helios, thanks for the warm welcome.

I definitely have a passion for RPGs. The first real RPG I ever played was Illusion of Gaia and it blew me away that games could not only be fun but could also tell a STORY. After that I started to seek out RPGs and I found Lufia 2, Earthbound, Secret of Mana, etc. etc.

Then by pure lucky guesswork, on Christmas of 1994, my Mom got me Final Fantasy VI. That game is still my most favorite RPG to this day.

But yea I basically started collecting RPGs during the Golden Era. I have a pretty huge collection (nowhere near complete, though).


Starbird, thanks for the warm welcome.

Thanks for your offer of help regarding images, I may end up taking you up on that at some point. I’m not 100% sure about that yet though. So far I took your advice and got a better program than Paint (I got Paint.NET) for making transparent images, and it’s working pretty good so far.

Thanks for the advice.




I’m not surprised that there is something better than Paint out there… I hadn’t shrined in about 12 years so the fact that technology has surpassed me is not surprising at all :D. Once you get the hang of doing the images the rest will come easy. Though looking at what I just finished when making my book cover (see avatar), working with pixels seems like a cakewalk.

A real live human and not a spam bot? Holy crap. :open_mouth:

Welcome, fellow human! :wave:

Thanks for the welcome, Trillian.

Though I have fooled you all, I am not actually a real live human. I am a terminator - designed to look like a human, and destroy you all. =)


Am I the only one who just learned there’s a RPGC Subreddit? :fungah:

I’ve actually had to block registrations to deal with the spambots. The captcha does nothing.

Would reCAPTCHA help with that?

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