Record of Lodoss War

Have any of you seen it? On Demand seemed to have a need to put another anime section up, and It had it. I’ve heard about the anime before but I couldn’t remember if it was good or bad so I took a look. So far it’s sorta weird, I REALLY hate that guy with the guy with the blond hair and staff, he just looks weird and his voice is fake sounding. The rest of them are okay, and the story seems a bit Cliche’ but I don’t know anything beyond episode 1. I’m not really sure what to think about it. Could you give me your opinions?

I think it rivals Lord of the Rings movies in its own sorta way (even though they are kinda different). It is not as popular, though

Yeah, I noticed that they have a lot of simularities, which again confuses me.

I’d like to see it, if only it was released here.

did you see it dubbed or subbed :thinking:

I’ve seen the first half of the Lodoss War, but it was a while ago. From what I remember though, the plot jumps around a LOT, and tends to leave entire sections out between episodes. The group just kinda teleports around from episode to episode and you have to fill in the gaps yourself. After a while it settled back down and wasn’t quite so confusing, but about the same time the plot started slowing back down, I stopped watching, so I can’t tell you much from there.

Both the OVA and the TV-Series.
The plot does jump around quite a bit in the OVA: They tried to squeeze the mangas into too few episodes.

I saw it dubbed on On Demand, and if it jumps around does it get annoyingly confusing?

It follows the manga pretty well. It doesn’t beat aroudn the bush with fillers, so I liked the pacing. It is not confusing

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i hate most dubbed stuff cuz we americans are to full of ourselves to put a really good effort into voice acting so if you get it subbed do it its always better that way

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I’ve seen half of Chronicle of the Heroic Knight (I believe it’s the TV one). I don’t like how they started this grand story of slaying this dragon and stopping this guy from trying to rule the world, only to burn through it in 7 or 8 episodes and make it serve as nothing more than background material for the rest of the series.

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