Reccomendations for final battles in FF6.

Now, I’m almost done with the sidequests and such in the WOR, so I’m currently leveling my least used charchters. Now, what level and party setup do you reccomend for Kefkas tower? Equipment, esper assignments, what magic the parties should know, etc. It’s been a long while since I have defeated Kefka, so if anyone can help me out, it would be appreciated.

If you can reach Kefka, he’s as good as dead. Even his Fallen Angel wouldn’t cut it. My main problem was winning with my “untouchable” party, the respective boss they had to face. If I remember correctly, put your best team in the third position, where the most heat is on. Make sure every team has an Ultima guy or some major edge. In the final battle you just rearrange your characters, sound like a chapter from a self help booklet and win.

If you’re level 35 at least and have at least Cure 2 and Life, you’ll win.

FFVI is retardedly easy.

I think I cheated a little the first time I went through the tower. :smiley: I had the party I always used (Celes, Terra, Sabin, and Edgar, with all other characters behind in levels and skills) and simply went through three times with that party in each position so I could use them for the boss fights. That Moogle Charm was helpful too. I feel kinda dirty for playing dirty like that, but I wasn’t about to go back and level the characters I hadn’t used anyway. Besides, by that point Kefka was easy enough that I wasn’t going to have to use any second-stringers. My main point is this - I’ve never done the tower in one trip; that grappling hook floating around outside is there for a good reason! I’ll go through and clean out the chests as much as I can using a party with Mog/Moogle Charm to avoid fights, and I’ll use that equipment and move on with my super-party.

I believe that character choice isn’t too important since each one can learn Ultima and all the best healing spells at the same rate, and that’s pretty much what ends up being used in fights. Of course, Bum Rush IS Bum Rush…

  1. Someone who can cast Ultima. Equip them with the gem box if you have it, and the economizer if you have it.

  2. Sabin(you do have Bum Rush, right?)

  3. Gogo - make sure Blitz is placed on his menu(have him use Bum Rush).

  4. Take your two most powerful weapons, and equip them on Locke, Celes, Terra, or Edgar(who can use the best weapons in the game). Equip a genji glove and offering. If you don’t have the offering, than just stick someone in who can cast Ultima or Flare.

Have whoever is the best healer heal periodically.


Nooooooo! I would have so done this. I thought there was boss respawn. Crap :ah-ha!:

Well, you’ll end up with three parties my way - the awesome party, the party that won’t fight anyone, and the party that you pray isn’t wiped out in random encounters. :smiley:

The problem is I already had those parties. And which random encounters? I had planted Mog in the incompetent party for Moogle Charm. (And for some extra firepower. Mog was that good :P)

I wish, the bosses in Kefka’s Tower kicked ass.

I admit to the same as everyone, but luckily I always had the foresight to make sure everyone knew all the magic I could teach them before the World of Ruin by fighting Intangirs on Triangle Island, so they didn’t have a lot of trouble surviving… it was tougher, but only so much as to make it an interesting challenge.

I need to avoid the Moogle Charm though, I feel like a cheater every time I use it.

Woops, I thought you meant the Kefka fight, not the whole tower. Um, take that party I recommended, and put two of them in separate parties, and two in the same. The party with the two powerful characters you want to use for the Guardian, I forget which pathway that is.

I usually fight the Cactuars (10 MP) and Hoovers (5 MP) near Miranda to teach everyone all of the spells. Just cast float to avoid the Hoover’s Quake spell, and equip Thunder Shields/Paladin Shields/something else that reduces wind damage to protect against his wind attack.

As for strategy, the game is actually pretty easy and straight-forward, so any well-oiled party should make it through with no problem. I do reccomend using Life 3 on everyone in the third phase of the final boss. It tends to do a cheap 1-hit-kill as it dies.

Get atleast level 60 or more and get cura 3 and Ultima Metoer also then get alot of mega elixers and you will be unstoppable heh…thats how i beat him alot…

I dont remember. I just rmemmeber the last battle(s) being cake.

In FF6, when in doubt, use the drill. It’s simple. It’s brutal. It will kill most anything. The only other moves that reach 10k damage as fast are the chainsaw and bum rush. Kefka is very killable with Edgar alone. Just watch out for the one-hit KOs.

Oh yea I forgot about the most retarded spell in the whole game and only kefka can do it but i forgot name it just makes all you’re characters HP go to 1 its so gay due to the fact he might do some cheap shit after it.

If you mean Fallen One, there’s more than enough time after he does it to pop a Megalixir (cause when else are you gonna use them) or a Cure 3 and fix yourself up. Also, Kefka isn’t the only one who can do it, the enemy Doom Dragon (I think that’s the name) can do it as well.

The main one-hit KO move to be wary of, in my opinion, is Calmness, used by the third tier of the statues when one of them dies (I forget which one). Calmness ignores the death protection of the Safety Bit (does anyone know if it ignores the Relic Ring as well?) and so if your M.Block doesn’t kick in, ouch. Also, if you are soloing it with Edgar (I’ve beaten it solo with Terra (no Esper magic) and Cyan (no magic flat), so I imagine Edgar is possible), Life 3 may not even help you survive since it often uses Calmness twice.

The easiest character to solo with is Mog. I actually try not to use him because it feels like cheating. Give him a snow muffler, genji equipment, merit award, and ribbon. Phys. Attacks will do 1 damage, even from a brachosaur. He’ll be immune to status changes, and have high mag def as well. The merit award will let him use Atma, but you might get better results from an aura lance and an offering.

Edgar’s still my favourite though. He’s always been the character I named after myself. My elite party is Edgar, Shadow, Gogo, and either Sabin, Cyan, or Mog. These are the characters that are most effective at lower levels. As you get higher, the characters seem to even out a bit because of Ultima.

Cyan is capable of doing the most damage possible in the game in a single round at high levels though. Genji Glove, Offering, esper bonuses, and his magic swords can hit up to 16 times for close to 120k, but it’s a matter of luck. At higher levels Cyan is my meat grinder. At low levels his first SwdTech is a great insta-kill. There is no reason to ever take him out of your party unless you’re replacing him with Sabin because you got bum rush at a low level, or Mog for the reasons above.

Man, I could tlak about FF6 all day. I grew up on it :stuck_out_tongue:

I find Dispatch rocks at most levels. While single-hit attacks aren’t all that great later on, it’s nice for cutting down trash enemies up till near the end (and also ignores row so Cyan can be shoved in the back row and he’ll still hit for full damage with it, which is nice for soloing).

Single hit attacks can be awesome late game! It depends on how developed you are, though. If you have Atma and an Offering, you’re not going to be using anything but Fight for that character. I find I use Drill, Chainsaw, Bum Rush, Dispatch, and Shurikens the whole way through the game without ever stopping. They can deal an easy 6-10k damage a lot sooner than one might think.

Hell, I even use some of Sabin’s early blitzes in the late game. If I don’t feel like wasting my time on a bum rush and I’m a high enough level, I’ll just pull off a quick Aura Bolt. It’ll do just as much damage sometimes.

I like chainsaw against bosses, too. One of it’s variations is a one-hit-kill, and it will work on a few bosses.