Reality TV sucks

Man, its just watching people embarass themselves. Argh why is that appealing.

When you put it that way, I would say ‘Why is it not?’ However, I don’t find it entertaining, so I can’t really say that.

Because network executives are under the delusion that reality shows of any sort will be an instant success, when in reality, they suck as much as any other show on primetime. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, television sucks for the commercials alone. But there’s something about reality TV that makes me particularly uneasy. Anyway, if you like it, just ignore this.

Yes. Yes it does.


Yeah, I concur.

“Married by America”? How about “Completely destroying the romanticism and sacredness in a holy union”?

“Survivor”? How about “Terrible soap opera that shows selfish people at their worst”?

“American Idol”? How about “Watching people humiliate themselves in front of a live audience because some British asshole is being ‘quick’ or ‘witty’ in ‘cracking a good one’”?

Edit: Oh, yeah, I hate reality shows too.

I want to see a reality show where they drop a bunch of pastey white guys who want to be black into the most hardcore inner-city ghetto they can find and see what happens.

I hate TV, but I have a particularly dark and special place for reality TV. God I hate it.

Tell me you honestly wouldn’t want to see my reality show. Come on, you know you’d like seeing some wiggers get shot in the face.

I admit I’d enjoy seeing Ken Lay or people like him put in those situations :P. I’m a little sadistic and there are some cruel and unusual punishment I think would be appropriate. I’ve been advocating for a reality tv show like that myself for years epic. Great minds think alike.

Oooh! Me me meee! I want to see Epic’s! :wave:

Now THAT I’d like to see! XD

I’m reminded of a George Carlin bit. If I may paraphrase a little…

“My version of Survivor: Send eight people driving through Texas in trucks bearing bumper stickers that say ‘I’m an atheist and I’m here to take your guns’ and see who comes out alive.”

Reality TV is funny to watch sometimes. Like, it’s stupid to watch religiously (only The Simpsons and the ALL NEW :D:D:D:D:D Family Guy deserve that), but if you tune in every now and then, it can be down right humourous with an our since spelling it British like makes it funnier. Then there’s The Amazing Race. That’s fun to watch every episode just to watch all the couples start yelling at each other because they missed a turn.

“Reality” TV prevails primarily because it is cheap to produce. Thus it makes a low-cost, efficient means of filling time slots and selling advertising time.

They circumvent Hollywood actors and screenwriters – and their respective guilds/unions. Instead, they employ the rubes, who are much more likely to accept “Being on TV! WOO!” as part of their payment for participating, and are much more likely to shut up and do what they are told.

It has a double appeal to the remaining rubes who watch the show: it fosters a dream of “hey, this could be you!” while also giving people the thrill of watching their peers try to achieve and fail (reinforcing their own passive role in society). And the subset of the rubes perceptive enough to notice “hey, it’s just a bunch of people degrading themselves for a small sum of cash and a remote chance of 15 minutes of fame” get to feel superior to somebody without having to actually make any effort. “Hah, I’d never stoop that low, I have pride!” etc.

I like the way a comedian put it (wording not exact, but idea the same).

Why would I want to come home working all day with dicks and idiots only to come hoem and watch dicks and idiots on TV?

Because they fit the demographic. :stuck_out_tongue:

Reality TV is staged. Ironic, but true.

Survivor has nothing to do with surviving. The “contestants” know full well when they go on that they’ll be given an endless supply of pizza and hawaiian shirts. The only thing they need to survive is a popularity contest.

Fear Factor is more about physical strength than mental, and that’s sad.

All of those dating shows like The Bachelor are like soap operas that don’t know that they’re soap operas. It’s fucking painful to watch it. When people are overdramatic in an attempt to be overdramatic, that’s one thing. When they are genuinely overdramatic because that’s who they are, watching them makes me want to stab myself.

And then there’s America’s Next Top Model. It was funny to watch a bunch of product-saturated american whores convince themselves that they could fully appreciate Japanese culture, but the real questoin here is, why did they have the ugliest, most inadequate fucking bitch I’ve ever seen on the face of this planet hosting a show called America’s Next Top Model?

And of course, the king, American Idol. Why do the people who have no chance in fucking hell of actually winning somehow manage to have it rigged in their favour? Yes, I’m talking about Reuben. Let’s face it people, his only talent is bribing the judges. He’s not attractive and he is not a good singer. But then, I guess when you’re being guaged by how well you can emulate SHIT, it doesn’t really matter.