Raised to Hate Orange

You all gotta try this color scheme. It’s the fucking best one yet!

Edit: No, seriously. Why wasn’t I told about this when it first became available? I fucking adore it.

GAHH! My eyes!

You didn’t see it?

What!? No!! Why didn’t he call it “New Color Scheme!” instead of some shitty title that didn’t catch my interest!?!? I hate you 984!!!

If you will notice, Hades, the past THREE color scheme threads have all be titled in the vein “In Honor of…” So, yeah. Next time you see a 984 thread with the title “In Honor of,” you will know it’s a new color scheme.

Thanks for the tip!!!

Um…I’m color blind, so… I have no clue why this thread is called this, could you please explain.

Raised to Hate Orange is a style you can pick to display this forum in an orange scheme. It’s located and the bottom left of the page. It refers to UGA’s hatred for all things orange, whether it be Clemson, Tennessee, Auburn, or those damn Florida Gators.

Ooooh, my other favorite color! I agree with Hades, it rocks! …And, it’s one of the few that dousn’t hurt my eyes!

Orange…the color of EVIL!

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

That’s probably the worst color scheme yet.

Awesome scheme. It’s now my default.

For a couple seconds, I thought I was using this. Then realized it was red, and felt pretty damn stupid.

i’d feel pretty damn stupid if i was you as well

O.o…im sueing u for killing my eyes

If you think that’s bad try Tutti Frutti.

why must we be cursed with this horrible shit??? (why do i keep swearing?)


It looketh pretty awesome. But I’m changing it back anyway. :3

It looks like vomit.