Raised to Hate Orange

It’s not bad.

I have the impression Uriel hijacked 984’s brain (thus the covert Uriel warning system to get attention off the fact he did) by making so many bright freakin’ layouts.

this colour scheme is sweet. but i’m gonna stick with soylent green.


Tombstone Grey is easier on the eyes for me.


Meh, it’s nothing spectacular. I’ll stick to default.

It’s very…orange…ish. Reminds me of the old 60’s carpet in my room that I singlehandedly ripped up and threw away.

Well, shit. I forgot a period. So did a few other people. Big deal.
Actually, if you wanted to be a [grammar] dick, you would have posted an exclamation point, because that was what should have ended my first sentence.

Bright Colors=Burning retinas/suckage.

Never mind that last comment. I am just un-1337 and didn’t know a period signified agreement.

It is great and will do nicely until a suitable purple one is developed. After all, orange is the complementary color to purple.

984 Purple buddy.


Tombstone grey all the way. Still.

That’s not good because it burns your eyes.

off course, but the orange is nice when The netherlands are playing a soccer match

You people really are wusses if you think RtHO and 984 Purple (Just Because He Can) “burn” your eyes. Like, I can understand Yellow Dog Democrat and Tutti Fruity, but not any of the other ones.

“.” is just another way of saying “I agree”

shit. my bad. Guess I’m not “1337” enough to understand that.

And Cala, I apologize for my earlier comment. I was up for 15 hours, tired, and didn’t know what “.” meant until Kor pointed it out to me. I was also trying to analyze shit too much and it threw off my train of thought. Next time, I’ll remember that “.” means “I agree”.

It’s all the same to me.

Hmmm… ummhmmm…

Wait a minute! I’M BLIND!!! Curse these foul humans! Booby-trapping their FORUMS! Now I have to wait until the skin on my eyeballs heal…

(I’m pretending to be Invader Zim)

Pretend to be a mime.

Impossible to act like a mime. :<

I didn’t know . meant agreement… or is it “.”? With the quotations part of it?