If a person loses their virginity, gets amnesia, and forgets, are they a virgin?

I have NO idea. 0_0

Short answer no with a maybe…long answer yeesss…with a but.

If it’s a guy, sure :P. But chicks have a hymen, so technically if they forget they got fucked they’re STILL no longer a virgin :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm. I would say no because they already lost it even though they forgot.

I think the answer is that they are. In my personal opinion, virginity is less about the physical sex than it is about psychological ‘im having sex’. So if you dont remember, you dont have your virginity. And if you have sex later, you wouldnt remember anything anyways.

No woman I stick my cock in will ever be a virgin again, amnesia or not! I’m kidding. But seriously.

On the purely physical side, no.

But I suppose it’s the state of mind that counts.

Tell that to an amnesiac with AIDS!

For all they know it was hereditary. So hades, is it possible to get the std when they dont know its in yet?

Hey, I was thinking the exact same thing. Maybe we’re not so different Hades :hahaha; .

Mentally, yes.

Here’s another one:

If a person is raped, did they lose their virginity?


Uh, yes, and yes? Why is this such a difficult question? If you’ve engaged in sexual intercourse with another, you’re no longer a virgin no matter what your mental state or what you believe yourself to be.

It’s like saying : “I’m joking…or AM I!?”

Just because a girl has broken her hymen doesn’t mean she isn’t a virgin.

new question !!

when a bus driver gets off the bus who closes the door? :moogle:

He has his own door to get off. Next!

umm…No, yes, and it’s closed by the bus gnomes.