The TRUE repercussions of violent gaming.

I have a lot of violence to answer for, better keep one eye on the door from now on.

Hahaha, that was awesome.

This is exactly why I don’t make suicide jumps with my characters…my friend would be so dead right now.


Heh. That was funny.

lol, awesomeness

He’s still breathing!

Now i’m going to fight the door, die door! =D
link saved

I loved that, a friend showed it to me yesterday.

Rawfles. I was actually expecting the monitor to explode or something (and be a real video), but this was even better.

Dood, sw33t.

That was great.

I thought some random dumbass was going to come in and ko them. ( In real life)

thats was funny it made me smile like this :E

Shit, you guys. Rayman is gonna fucking kill me, and he doesn’t even have arms. That’s gonna be embarassing.

Oh no. I’m going to be killed by Gordon Freeman.

There Hundreds of Rabites on the loose and after me!!

Wat F**! You been playing Sword of Mana again.

Rampaging Rabites: Is that a FARTS Episode?

X, Mario, Link, Maximo, Wario, Cloud, Megaman, Jak…
The list goes on…

…if this came true, I’d be SO dead and/or tortured right now.

Excuse me. I’m going to hide under my bed in a fetal postion.

Yells out from under covers


For the love of God, man, I SAID I was sorry for that!

…Yeah… for those who don’t quite realize yet, me and Nuclear weasel go a whiles back. But anyway. Lovely video.