Someone didn’t read Dune.

I think in my case it’ll be, uh, the main character in Cave Story cuz I committed suicide a few times in that one … although maybe this is a bad example because Quote’s a bit too much of a good guy.

Maybe some of the character models in Half-Life 1 Deathmatch, since I went on a suicide-spree once so I could see what they looked like ingame, but maybe I’m safe since I reformatted …

Why would you suicide in Cave Story. ;_;
I’d probably have Sims burning me alive, or locking me in rooms with no doors, or locking me in doorless rooms and setting them on fire. I don’t like Sims very much. :stuck_out_tongue:

Because I missed a couple one-shot things that reqire tricky timing and jumping, like in the waterway where you need to jump onto the ledge so you can prevent Curly from going into “signs of life have ceased” mode. Didn’t do it very much, tho.

Mwaha! That was hilarious simply because it was completely unexpected. I had so many theories about what might happen to make the situation funny and I wasn’t even close…