Puzzle Games

Okay, let’s talk about those adictive little games called Puzzlers.

My personal favorate is Bust-a-Move. Me and a friend of mine have a long-standing rivalry in that game. :hahaha;

In a close second would have to be the Genesis classic, Collumns.

A few others I love are Pac Attack, Wild Snake, Yoshi, Tetris Attack and Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine. (I’m well aware that that one was released under several different titles, but that’s the only one I’ve played.)

What are your favorate puzzlers?

Does bomberman count?

I like puzzle bubble, 3d tetris, and some 5 others from my teens which I have forgotten the name. I’m going for my old CD’s now that I’ve seen this thread.

BAM, Tetris Attack are my two favourite.

But the game collapse is pretty good as well.

Good ol’ Tetris, Mr. Driller, Bust-a-move, Puyo Puyo and a few others. Puzzle games rock.

Does Lufia 2 count?

My all time favorite would have to be Tetris. Othello was fun too though.

I’m boring, just give me Tetris.

Damn Lufia 2 puzzles they were hard (but fun)especially the worlds hardest trick

but i agree with Bahamut tetris rocks

Tetris and Bust-a-Move.

Columns is great. It’s about the only game my grandparents have at their house. (20 grandkids, gotta keep 'em busy somehow). How about Minesweeper? I’m amazing at that game.

Nice topic, here! I’m partial to Tetris, Yoshi and Yoshi’s Cookie, myself.

Ooh, does anyone remember Wario’s Woods? That was a neat game.

Nope, but I also like Tetris and Yoshi. And there’s also the PuzzlePack that comes with TI-83 Silver Edition calculators.

Oh, just remembered, Chip’s Challenge from the Microsoft Entertainment pack. Only, I’d get to level 100 or so and my siblings would start a new game, erasing my progress::doh:: Especially iritating since you can skip to any previous level anyway.

Chip’s Challenge ruled. I actually beat every level except the secret ones. And there were 144 normal levels. And I have no life.

And I love Tetris. It’s still the crack cocaine of puzzlers.

Chip’s Challenge did rule. I like Arkanoid too.

Chu-Chu Rocket, Chu-Chu Rocket. Running away from cats and putting mice into rockets rules!

Dr. Mario, Yoshi’s Cookie. Yeah, I kicked it with the puzzle games in the old school dayz. Tetris too, of course.

All of the ones mentioned above, for extended periods of time :hahaha; also the really old Scrabble game that was on the BBC B :wink:

Ah, does anyone remember that old Amiga chess sim where all the pieces came to life and beat the crap out of each other? That was cool, if a little trippy :slight_smile:

Originally posted by BahamutXero
Chip’s Challenge did rule. I like Arkanoid too.

Fury of the furries and Dun-dun-dun Deadly Rooms Of Dead

If you somehow get past the fourth level your IQ is above average :stuck_out_tongue: (I did finish the game, BTW)