Puzzle Games

Ah, does anyone at all remember an ages-old game on the BBC called “Granny’s Garden”? I used to be addicted to that quite heavily :hahaha;

Puyo Puyo. My eldest brother and I used to have grand old battles playing Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine. We still go back to it occasionally. I kind of lost interest in it after I mastered the training mode, though. I hadn’t played the game for four years or so, then I fired it up during a lunch break one day in my senior year of high school. Whereas the previous record (between my brother and me) was level 32 in training mode, I was up around level 60 by the time I had to shut the system off and head back to school, and the beans hadn’t gotten any faster for at least ten levels or so. Ah, good times.

I also like Bust-a-Move, but it lacks the need for planning ahead and building in failsafes that Puyo Puyo has.