Ok, so, I’ve been really, really bored as of late and have little to do besides sit around and wait to be called in to work or go drinking with friends, although I’m allergic to alcohol >.<. So I’d like some suggestions for some RPGS, preferrably for the PSX since thats the one system that I haven’t played all the worthwhile RPGs for. In advance I’ve played FFVII-IX, Legend of LeGaia, Grandia, BoF3, WA2 and a few others that escape my mind. Any suggestions?

Tales of Eternia is fun :smiley:

FFT, Wild Arms, Legend of Mana, and Breath of Fire 3 are all good.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Suikoden I and II
Dragon Warrior VII
Final Fantasy Origins
Star Ocean: The Second Story
Chrono Cross
Vagrant Story

Valkyrie Profile, the Lunar series, Persona 2, and Alundra are all really good. Valkyrie Profile and Persona 2 are pretty rare but definitely buy them if you find them, they’re some of the best rpgs for the Playstation in my opinion. The Lunar series is a lot of fun and Working Design’s translations are awesome. Alundra is cool if you’re looking for an action rpg but the sequel kind of sucks so don’t bother with it. All the other games mentioned here so far are good choices too.

Try xenogears

I really must reccomend the two Parasite Eve games. They’re among my favorates. Unique gameplay, excellent story, and a cute heroine. :wink:

I agree with Greenlander lunar is good. It has the second best combat system i’ve seen in an rpg. Grandia has the best. The Arc the Lad series is also good.

Vanguard Bandits :smiley:

Vagrant Story and Xenogears are two favorites of mine. I recommend those.

Lunar. Don’t waste your time with anything else. Get both, maybe even a few backup copies incase you break/lose one. >.>;

I second that.

and I third it. That has to be high on the list of ps1 games I’ve played the most.

Valkrye Profile, one of my favorate PSX rpgs

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll give some of them a try. Having played Valkyrie Profile…I call all who suggest it crazy :P. Good lord I hate that game.

I hated it at first actualy, but I tried it again, and loved it. Guess i matured or something…

I’d like to second both FFTactics and Symphony of the Night, both are excellent. You might also want to try Saga Frontier 2.

And don’t try Alundra, I fell for its siren song but I have two words for you: Jumping. Puzzles.

I also suggest Xenogears, Star Ocean The Second Story, Langrisser I & II Dramatic Edition, and Legend Of Mana.

Silent Hill 1 >.>;

Better then any old RPG =D (Shadow hearts though… mm… can’t wait for the second. However that’s PS2)


SaGa Frontier
SaGa Frontier 2
Legend of Mana
Front Mission 3
Vagrant Story <---- Dragon Quarter in real time, plus it’s just a lot more liked. :stuck_out_tongue:
Final Fantasy Tactics
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Personally, of all those, I would killer reccomend Front Mission 3, just cos I’ve been having cravings for it myself lately. :stuck_out_tongue: Otherwise, I’d say either SaGa Frontier is much fun.