PSP for me!

So I’m getting a bonus in my paycheck today. $500, baby. Thats after taxes too. I wanted to use it to get an Xbox 360, but they’re sold out everywhere. So I’m going to get a PSP now, and I’ll probably get a 360 later. I planned on getting the GTA game, but I don’t know much about any of the other titles. Let me ask you PSP owners:

Are there any decent RPGs? Any coming out reletively soon?

I heard something about a PSP Katamari Damacy. True?

What other titles are out now that I should check out?

Thanks for any advice. :cool:

You should save your money, the PSP doesn’t have any particularly interesting titles from what I’ve heard. The DS on the hand, does and its much cheaper. If you want a 360, you should probably wait a couple weeks then and it’ll come in.

I really don’t like the touch screen aspect of the DS. Thats what is keeping me from getting one.

And this money is burning a hole in my pocket.

The main reason why you don’t want a PSP. Get a DS instead.

So store it in a box.

If you like Castlevania and Mario Kart, I hear they own the DS. There’s also Mana series game coming up and the DS can use all the other GB carts so you have a large array of cheap games available to you. FF3 remake is coming up and there’s the newly released FF4 and last year was FF1+2 and there are rumors V and VI are coming up. Then there are the GB DW remakes which are excellent although not 16bit, and many many other games. The PSP does not have any games that stand out that much, particularly not RPGs.

I’m not too hot for the DS either but what I did see and hear was good.

Ask yourself if you really need a portable system and what you’ll use it for. I’m 22 and the things I do make it so that I really don’t use portable systems that much. That’s a big reason I didn’t get a DS, otherwise I would’ve asked my sister to pick it up for me cheap when Target fucked up a couple weeks ago.

Look at it this way. You can blow 500 bucks on a PSP or 200 or less on a DS. Or you can save your money and spend it on something else, like the 360, which for now hasn’t impressed me.

My last point is : does whatever use you have for it justify spending 500 bucks on a portable that offers what this has to offer?

I’m with Sin here. The PSP is pretty but when you sum up the technical problems, price, lackage of big games, price, all the great titles coming out for the DS, price, the DS’s backwards compatibility and price, it’s not such a great choice.

If you are in the market for RPGs, the DS is way, way ahead.

PSP is alright- I’ve got one and I play on it a lot- but frankly Liberty City Stories ain’t a patch on Vice City or San Andreas and only marginally better than GTA3 (two wheels good, four wheels bad). Lumines is a good way to lose fifty-sixty hours of your life, and Archer MacLean’s Mercury is truly the unsung hero of the system. I can’t wait for them to discontinue it so my copy rockets up to about £60-70 in value! :smiley:

Seriously though, the DS (for the time being) pisses all over the PSP in terms of games. Get yourself one of them, Mario Kart DS and maybe WarioWare if it’s going cheap. And just a minor correction on what Sin said earlier- it only plays GBA games, not GB/GBC. Like it matters anyway. :slight_smile:

Seriously? How is that possible?

Well, if everyone is telling me not to get a PSP, maybe I should listen.

I have a GBA SP, which I play a decent amount. But I’ve beaten all the games I own for it. I could get FF4, but I recently played through it on the PS1.

I’m still a bit hesitant on getting the DS though. The damn touch screen. Do you have to use it much while playing? Is it annoying?

Maybe I’ll just take my bonus down to Foxwoods and sit down at a poker table.

I have Sonic Rush, Pheonex Wright, Mario 64 DS, and Mario Kart DS and they are all very good games. As far as using the touch screen you don’t usualy have to use it. However when you are required to use it (in the games I have it is mostly for mini games and searching for evidence), it works out really well.

I was turned off by the touch screen as well, but you get used to it really fast. I think you’ll have a lot more fun with the DS then the PSP, however the PSP does play movies.

The PSP plays movies you can only play on your PSP. I would personally prefer to buy a DVD, but then again, I have a laptop and 12 hours of batteries.

Yeah, the movie part of the PSP was never a big selling point for me.

I think I’m just going to hold off on both. Neither system really seems worth it at this point.

Maybe when FF3 comes out, I’ll spring for the DS.

The GBA was backwards compatible with GBx games because becides the Arm7 processor the GBA games needed, it also contained the Z80 processor the previous two incarnations used. The DS only has the Arm9 for DS games and the Arm7 for GBA (The Arm7 can also be used as a co-processor for DS games). Not to say people aren’t making emulators that will get GBx games working on the DS, hell, I’ve seen an SNES emulator being worked on.

GB games have one little slot on the side. GBA games have a little slot on both sides of the cartridge. The GB ones dont fit into the thing

I failed to see these questions addressed so:

  1. Kingdom of Paradise, Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion, PoPoLoCrois

  2. Yeah, its called “Me and My Katamari.” And if you’re into the Metal Gear series, MGA2 comes out sometime this spring.

  3. Metal Gear Acid, Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower. GTA: LCS

And the defective thing is bullshit :stuck_out_tongue: The guy’s got his index finger extended over both the R button and the eject button. Oh and I’ve heard nothing but good about Lumines (puzzle game with some kick ass music or something).

Of course, the DS is a damn good system too. Mario Kart DS, Animal Crossing, and the ability to play GBA games. There’s also Castlevania if you like that and the upcoming release of FF3.

Both are good systems, its just a matter of what type of games you prefer in the long run as with consoles.

Dude, ignore the nay-sayers, it’s your money do what you want with it. The PSP doesnt suck like everyone says it does. I actually own both it and a DS and I’m happy with both.

PoPoLaCrois isnt bad, Breath of Fire 3 is being ported(which i anticipate greatly as this is one of my favorite games EVER) and probably the 2 others Cro said, I havnt picked those up yet.

already answered

SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo, Mercury is a pretty good puzzler, and there is always the option of homebrew and emulation if you downgrade to firmware v1.5.

The touch screen is a feature, not an obstacle. The games are designed to use it in non-annoying ways.

Some games, like Mario Kart, don’t use it at all except where it makes sense (typing with an on-screen keyboard, drawing).

Some games, like animal crossing, use it as the main method of input so you’re using a stylus instead of the direction pad and buttons.

There are some games, like castlevania, that require switching to the touch screen control during gameplay, but they do it infrequently since they know it would be really frustrating to have to do that a lot. Anyway it isn’t hard to play the game with the normal controls while holding the stylus.

Is Damacy out yet?