PS2 Online?

No, no, see, games don’t need to have perfect scores for me to like them. They just have to not be poor at what they do. I mean I could excuse Project Gotham Racing 2 for having shitty music. It’s a racing game, not an Orchestra hall. But I can’t forgive it for having the shittiest gameplay in any racing game EVER save for Crazy Taxi.

I can forgive RB6 for having poor, unappealing graphics, but I can’t forgive it for having, poor, unappealing… well, everything. (Yes, I’ve played it.)

I’m taking back what I said about Splinter Cell. I’ve actually heard it’s really good, and if I played it a LOT (a LOT) I could probably get it to grow on me to the point of it being one of my favourite games (I didn’t even like SHINOBI for the first few weeks, but now I worship it.)

I haven’t played MechAssault. For all I know, it’s the shittiest game ever. I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt for having mechs though. You just can’t go wrong with mechs.

Jedi Academy is a Star Wars game. It’s… a Star Wars game… Star Wars. Why do I even need to explain this? It’s a Star Wars game. the movies were gold. The games are the stains at the bottom of my toilet bowl. The exception being Shadows of the Empire, and the Super Star Wars games for snes, which come to think of it weren’t that great either.

So, see, there’s nothing for me on X-Box live. Almost nothing at all.

Fair enough, I disagree with the things about Rainbow Six 6 and PGR2, but to each his own. Jedia Academy is actually pretty god and is pretty open, you might want to give it a sht, there is a PC version. The online play needs work a bit, mostly because everyone uses a lightsaber and the outsome of a lightsaber battle is hard to control, but the force powers are fun. The offline play is much better. Mechassault dpends on what you what in your Mech game. If you want lots of destruction and some neeat weapons, then it is right up your alley. However, if you want customizable mechs, well you better look elsewhere. Basically, it is fun and fast with lots of carnage, but not as much depth as you might expect form a mech game.

Oh, I finally got a PS2 online.