PS2 Online?

I am shopping for a Playstation 2 because I like rpgs. I am wondering if I should get the online version? It looks like there are a few MMORPGS for it. Also, it looks like you can surf the web too. I don’t think it crashes either (unlike PC)!

HOwever, I am a bit skeptical about PS2 online. It looks like it does not come with a hard drive, but you need a hard drive to play Final Fantasy XI online! It also looks like there aren’t THAT many mmorpgs. And some of them (FFXI, Everquest) you can play on PC.

So do you think I should get a PS2 online? Or just a plain old PS2?

I’d say get the online version since it costs the same as the plain version, plus you get a free game. However, the PS2 has a lot of good free online games such as SOCOM and many EA games. Since the price is the same for both, just get the online version.

I hope there will be more MMORPGs, can hook up to Roadrunner, doesn’t crash, more dependable than PC online gaming, and can browse on Firefox.

No, yes, uhh sorta, also uhh sorta, and no.

Well the online is no Xbox Live… cough

Fire…fox… on a… PS2… twitch

licks DT’s face

Yeah, really nice programming+massive corporation=teh omg not gonna happen kthxbai.

…actually thats not what I meant. But anyway.

FINE, decent web browser, but thats as low as I’m bringing it.

'sides, I was really slobbery and it was a good enough reason as any.

X-Box live, frankly, blows.

PS2 online sounds like a good product.

I hope it doesn’t use IE, and doesn’t crash.

It’s even more off putting when the X-Box playing the ‘Buy X-box Live’ Info Jams every 3-15 seconds. Just Give me PS2 or a GameCube. The Uk Game Cube did have a boradband Adapter but the Nintendo Pulled it.

Big Nutter
Alright I want to by FF11 when the Chains of pheoyhemtha (I know it’s wrong) Comes out seens as the UK/EU date is the Same day as Jap/US date. Why should I but it?

DOES X-Box/PS2 access the actual internet, or is it just like a console version of Gamespy Arcade and exists solely to hook people up in games?

Is anyone here satisfied with PS2 online? I might be buying it today!

So I guess you haven’t played on XBOX Live.

Yeah, I try to stay away from things that blow.

(And Sir, I don’t need to play X-Box live to know it blows, just like I don’t need to be hit by a Comet to know it’ll kill me.)

Right, well if you have at least a couple of games its worth it, since you dont have to pay for the priviledge like you do with the XB.

Personally, all I play online with my ps2 is SOCOM 2 and FFXI.

Ah, Hades being a ignorant as always.

Funny, Live never jammed for me.

Just a bunch of blind Xbox haters pulling info out of their ass.

Yeah. And a blind X-Box lover pulling defense out of <i>his</i> ass and being not anymore useful than the others. Bravo.

Blind Xbox lover? :hahaha;