PS2 Online?

Oh. So you can read after all. Yes, that’s what I said. Good boy. gives you a dog treat


Still, I find it funny you call me a blind Xbox lover JUST because I defended it. :wave:

Then I’m surprised you aren’t on XBOX Live since you stick with good things. XBOX works just fine, it is smooth and easy. I’ve never had any problem with it.

Oh, I don’t have any problems with the service or the console, just the <font size=“7”>REALLY SHITTY</font> games. There, I hope I wasn’t too subtle for you to pick up on what I said, like you were about X-Box live sucking.

Oh no! Someone calling me ignorant for having an opinion different than theirs, after years of accusing me of doing the same thing even though I don’t. I didn’t see THAT one coming. Ha ha :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Oh man, sometimes I think I post for the sole purpose of riling you silly clowns up. What entertainment.

I find it hard to believe there isn’t a SINGLE Xbox game you enjoy, but if that’s your opinion, I won’t say it’s wrong.

Oh no! Someone calling me ignorant for having an opinion different than theirs, after years of accusing me of doing the same thing even though I don’t. I didn’t see THAT one coming. Ha ha :stuck_out_tongue:

Not for having a different opinion, but just saying acting like the Xbox is the Gigli of the video game industry without really giving it much of a chance.

Edit: Oh man, sometimes I think I post for the sole purpose of riling you silly clowns up. What entertainment.

How ironic, because I enjoy doing that very same thing.
Guess we aren’t all that different, aye Hadie-boy?

I like Ninja Gaiden and possibly a few others that aren’t for online play.

Never call me that again >>;

Aw, why not?
I find the nick-name cute. :kissy:

Oh yeah.
And the fact that you point out that the XBOX absolutely rocks everytime someone talks about it, or not talks about it, flame everyone who says otherwise and posted a certain chatlog with an incredibly stupid conversation between you and a gamecube fanatic a while ago with stunning arguments such as
“Xbox rocks!”
"No, gamecube does!’
“hah, you cant even argue properly, because xbox is way better”

That, and you have an xbox banner in your sig. I’m good aren’t I.

DT, the pic in your sig is SO awesome. I’m like crying in laughter here :stuck_out_tongue:

Not really.
I only go in that bashing mode when people blindly bash the XBox and really irritate me, and FYI, I also own a GameCube and PlayStation 2.

If you don’t believe me, I can take a picture.

Hell, with all the GC and PS2 fan…boyscough you need at least one Xbox fan to sorta even it out. =P

And I admit, the chat thing was me in my fanboy mode. I can’t deny that. :too bad:

Umm, can someone lock this topic? Its gone a bit of topic

Seriously, it seems like the cool and alright thing to do at times is be a GC fanboy, but it is incredibly wrong to be an XBOX fanboy. With the great hate against the XBOX, it takes a great love that becomes fanoyish to try to counter the uncontrolled XBOX bashing. I persoanlly try to get the XBOX version of games ebcause of the hard drive (especially since games save natively to it and I don’t have to go around coying and deleting to get stuff from a memory card to the hard drive, the game will just save there.

Hades, the problem with your opinion is that you treat it like fact. So I guess you haven’t played Rainbow Six 3, Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, Star Wars: Jedi Academy, Ghost Reacon, Project Gotham Racing 2, Mechassault, Unreal? Since those are all pretty good. Besides, you said XBOX Live sucked, that means the service itself, you weren’t saying that XBOX Live itself is fine and there just weren’t any good games to play on it, you just said that it sucked.

Mew64, yeah it is a bit off topic (not as off topic as some other topics have gotten), but that just happens around here. Instead of being about the PS2 online, it is expanding into console online gaming.

You know, your convincing me of it’s having good games might work better if you actually listed some good games, like NG, DoA3, and SC2.

Edit: Oh, wait. Are we talking about good ONLINE games? Yeah I guess there aren’t any, and that’s why X-Box live sucks. It’s the fault of a poor line up, but I guess that causes the service to suck as well. So, okay, fine. You’ve convinced me that the service of X-Box Live sucks now. Thanks.

And seriously, that whole “Huhyuk u think ur opinion r fact” thing is getting old. Is your best defense an outdated, brutally false insult that you heard from someone else? The second I open my mouth in any thread resembling this, I can see that line coming from a thousand miles away, always from a half-wit like you.

Can you PLEASE mix it up a bit, so I don’t get bored?

Well seeing as how those aren’t online, it does nothign for the argument about XBOX Live.

It isn’t brutally false and sicne you haven’t changed, it is still an upto date arguement. I bring it up since it is hard to debate something when someone’s whole argument is their opinion and no facts. I’ll mix it up when you mix up your argument. Stop pulling your arguments and insutls out of your ass so I have something else to say. When you stop basing all of your argument solely on opinion, I’ll stop telling you that your argument is weak for being based on your opinion. I agree that things need to be changed up since I’m tired of reading the stuff you pull out of your ass.

Basically, I’m asking for you to add “sucks because…” and then whatever the reason to your arguments instead of just saying “XBOX sucks” and that being the core of your argument containing all of your “facts” and support and nothing more. I mean, I could easily counter your argument about XBOX Live sucking by just saying that “XBOX Live rocks” and not list any games or anything and debate it like you, but people would have a hard time taking me seriously if that was all I said, like you do all too often.

SNES kicks all your ass.

Does PS2 crash, slow down, lag, and get choppy graphics when you go online?

What browser does it use?

Why aren’t there any more MMORPGs for it?

No, um…none?, and because it’s an almost obselete system, and its not really good for MMORPGS?

PS2 online has no browser, everything is done in the game. You can’t come and visit RPGC fromt he PS2. I haven’t experienced any crashes. As with all online games, if someones connection isn’t up to snuff, it can get slow at times. FF11 is the only one that I’ve experienced any significant slowdown in and that is pretty much only in towns near the center where lots of people are gathered. The graphics remain the exact same online. The MMORPGs on the PS2 are FF11 and Everquest Online Adventures, both have their advantages.

I said to mix it up, not throw more of the same at me. Are you deaf or just stupid?

You want some facts? Here they are:

Here’s a list, according to you, of top-of-the-line X-Box Live games:

  1. Rainbow Six 3
  2. Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
  3. Star Wars: Jedi Academy
  4. Ghost Reacon
  5. Project Gotham Racing 2
  6. Mechassault
  7. Unreal

Those games exist for X-Box Live. That is fact. Now here, in MY OPINION (since if I don’t specify, you’ll ask me what encyclopedia I’m pulling these ‘facts’ from) is a consideration of said games (which is influenced by miscellaneous things I see and hear about them. Don’t make the mistake of accusing these opinions of being baseless, because they’re not. I know you will though. It’s what incompetent people do.):

  1. Rainbow Six 3 - Sucks.
  2. Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow - Sucks.
  3. Star Wars: Jedi Academy - Sucks.
  4. Ghost Reacon - Sucks.
  5. Project Gotham Racing 2 - Sucks. (How could you even list something this bad? I’ve actually played this one, and it’s fucking TERRIBLE.)
  6. Mechassault - I could see myself possibly getting to like this one.
  7. Unreal - Good, but doesn’t warrant buying an X-Box. Or the game.

So let’s see here. Mediocre games: 2. Shitty Games: 5. I’m not liking this 2:5 ratio, honestly. Do you follow my logic here?

Now let’s apply my opinion to the facts:
Fact: Info listed seven of the best games for X-Box Live.
Opinion: There is a 5:2 ratio of shitty to mediocre games.
Fact: Hades hates X-Box live because he can’t derive enjoyment out of the poor quality of the available games :smiley:

I hope my step-by-step process didn’t confuse you.

The difference I didn’t say that those were the only good online games. Also, most of those games have been well received. Hell, my opinion on the games is much different from yours. Also, you keep bringing up the XBOX, this is about XBOX Live. There are many excellent games i could list for teh XBOX, but this isn’t about those. Also, you haven’t changed yoru argument much. It is still just, “they suck.” How about maybe giving a bit of a reason for why they suck? Is it because their controls suck? Is it because the levels are just bland and boring? What is it? Hell, Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow is awesome online (which makes me quesiton if you’ve even play a single game you listed). There are different gameplay types thta work well and each have their own advantages and goals.

Actually, I’ll take it that you don’t like those games. yes I will, I see that games have to have perfect scores universally for you to like them. So there are probably only a handful of games you like, one of course being Zelda: Ocarina of Time and umm…Mario 64 maybe (because the games have to be Nintendo of course sicne only Nintendo makes good games as we all know and they can’t be shooting or racing games either). Since you only like a handful of games, I’m surprised to see you on a game website.

Also, you seem to be alone in your opinion for the most part. For the past 2 or 3 months, the XBOX has outsold the PS2 (in every place but Japan of course). It is also the number 2 console.