Meh, stupid question, but still.
Of all the things you’ve done, what are you most proud of?

I’m proud that I once finally managed to walk up to a girl and say, “I love you beyond the realm of decency!”. I’m normally quite shy.

So, what’ll it be?

Being evil and having killed enough dogs to be titled ‘The Dog Slayer’, of course.

Saving dogs from the evil Nulani.

Especially killing Cless Alvein’s dog.

I’m most proud of the shrines I’ve put together here.

Probably my uber-awesome coursework I did for my IT course earlier this year.

Maintaining my personal level of morality in the face of immoral behavior.

When I got 1000 posts

Being Caucasian! \M/

March 23rd, 2002, I made the BEST sandwich ever.

I can say ‘Sieg Heil’ and mean it.


When I got my 1000th posts back by writing a detective nior story

I have nothing to be proud of.Not many people who are the guys you say, that person is’nt going nowhare in life, by the age of 13.But I might just be really sad to press myself to prove myself so I dont remember those things on purpouse so I can push myself to go farther…I’m in Amherst Bel Canto Choir(very prestiuge ) or however you spell it.

^^^ That made no sense whatsoever.

Is that you Setz? :booster:

I knew pierson would come and mess up things…,…,…;/./…l’/’[’;’][]]—90-//"?.lm/.l///

Pride is one of the 7 Deadly Sins! >=O

FURTHERMORE, Pride is the WORST of the 7 Deadly Sins, since the rest of them all arise as a result of pride.

Goood! I thought I was just a loser!

yesterday I made eggplant french fries-

they were awesome.

That’s a food that tastes better than it sounds.

oh Kexmex you silly boy, don’t you know?

when you come to rpgc you lose any pride you have. along with your dignity and self respect. :moogle: