Prepared to be Shocked

The Shockmaster!

Just something I thought you people would like. It was a toss up between posting this or a music video starring hamsters, and Kag threatened to kill me if I posted the video.

That’s too funny for words to describe.

“Do you want a piece of me?”

I can only compare this to the jedi boy in terms of being able to make me laugh a lot :hahaha; :mwahaha:

BTW, the last two photos were way disturbing :too bad;

The last two were apparently the Gobbeldy Gooker.

… I laughed my ass off reading that.

:hahaha; :mwahaha: That was damn funny

I used to like WCW… :frowning:

And I couldn’t get the vid to work… I guess the pictures were funny enough.

You told me the Shockmaster changed my name to Cloth Hate…

<img src=“”> That was good 984. Man there been some pretty bad acts. And I do remember the horrible Jay Leno match…but Chucky? Ugh!

<img src=“”> Forget Shockmaster, where is El Sanco?

laughs lots :hahaha;

This coming from someone who knows nothing of the genre.

Why does everyone care about <strike>quasi-</strike>gay porn?

Wow… its like a school fight but all oiled up and wearing spandex :hahaha;

I’m not one for wrestling, but I will say this: those guys look dumber than anything imaginable. Just like all the other wrestlers.

“The Shockmaster” is truly pathetic, and I don’t even want to know about the last two photos…

The Gobbldey Gooker was awesome! :stuck_out_tongue:
(no, I can’t spell it)

Oy, The Shockmaster… I actually remember that.

That actualy made me Sad, i feel really bad for the guy who played the shockmaster.

Anyone remember IRS? The guy in the white collar and suspenders? Thats about all i remember about pro wrestling.
That and a guy called “the repo man”.

Irwin R. Shyster? (it’s pronounced Shyster but I can’t spell it either) Heh, I remember him too.

This topic made me realise I’ve watched wrestling too much >_>

Woh, thats kinda clever i guess. IRS=Irwin R. Shyster. I never really watched pro wrestling much, since my parents said they would be greatly disapointed in me if i did (and i did’t like it that much etiher). I remember IRS from some Sega wresling game, and i always picked him since he was the lamest character in the game.

Actual conversation in middle school

Some kid: Man Stone cold is better then Goldberg.

His friend: Nah, Stone cold could kick Goldberg’s ass

Me: You know that Goldberg was just created by the WCW to mooch off of Sone cold’s popularity?

Both: Shut up you faggot, what do you know pro wrestling?

Me: groan

Is there a reason why wrestling looks like a fancy kind of Halloween?