Prepared to be Shocked

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[b]Actual conversation in middle school

Some kid: Man Stone cold is better then Goldberg.

His friend: Nah, Stone cold could kick Goldberg’s ass

Me: You know that Goldberg was just created by the WCW to mooch off of Sone cold’s popularity?

Both: Shut up you faggot, what do you know pro wrestling?

Me: groan [/b]

Hmm… Why would they be trying to defend goldbergs name then?

You know, i don’t know, i think they were just trying to defend wrestling in general. Oh yes, and it was middle school, you know how children are in middle school. It was mainly and excuse to call someone a faggot.

I literally fell out of my chair laughing at that. i always enjoy looking at the idiots of the world.


Loved it. :smiley:

I actually right-clicked the shockmaster’s image looking for the ‘set avatar’ command. Did the guy win his match?

I remember some of those. OMG I am a wrestling addict /whimper

::to group::
Hi my name is Jay and I am a wrestling addict

That was a good read