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Feel the joy.


As long as they don’t ruin it like they did with Bugs Bunny

Holy shit.

This could be the greatest thing this decade.

Aww, I liked that show.


Edit: Suddenly remebers that Tony Snow is dead Well that sucked the wind right out of the sails. ;_; Still glad it’s kinda back.


You mean Tony Jay the voice of Megabyte?

FTW. Seriously.

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Suddenly remebers that Tony Snow is dead Well that sucked the wind right out of the sails. ;_; Still glad it’s kinda back.

You mean Tony Jay the voice of Megabyte?[/i][/QUOTE]

Damn it! I really need to start catching up on my sleep. I can’t believe that I’ve confused him with the former press secretary of the White House?

Holy shit, I need new underwear.

No fucking way.

This is gonna rock, I hope!


Yeah, I’d heard about it, but was awaiting confirmation.

Count me elated too. REBOOT was one of the greatest animated series ever made in this side of the world, and even compared to many Animes, it ROCKS. Now, let’s hope that it doesn’t get “updated for the times” in a way that ruins it- though I hear it’s being done by the same people, so that shouldn’t be the case.

Jumps into a Leisure Suit Larry game REBOOT!! :hahaha;

Inappropriate post is being inappropriate.

Anyone remember that episode when it was Enzo’s birthday and Bob and Megabyte had a guitar duel?


omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg agfgalgbalaugblagiagua =D~~~~~~~~~~~

How’s THIS for an appropriate post?

It’s the ending sequence of the original series, where the binomes stage a musical in order to sum up the events of the (admittedly convoluted, but epic) final season. And set to the theme of “The Modern Major General” from “The Pirates of Penzance”, too! Genius!!

So, is it going to be a continuation of the story, or a reboot? ducks

From what I understand (I never saw the last seasons, which were actually TV movies) the series ends in a cliffhanger (Megabyte had taken control of the Principal’s office) so they’d better resolve it.

I wonder how much better the CGI will look today, as well.

I remember that… man oh man I hope that this movie rocks even more now because if it doesn’t my childhood just got WAPED.


So what did you guys like about Reboot? I never saw it.