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[i]From what I understand (I never saw the last seasons, which were actually TV movies) the series ends in a cliffhanger (Megabyte had taken control of the Principal’s office) so they’d better resolve it.

I wonder how much better the CGI will look today, as well.[/i]

Actually the correct term is that he assimilated the Principal’s office after (if I remeber correctly) nearly marring Dot. (I saw most of the four season the first and only time that it had aired on CN)

Now, let’s hope that it doesn’t get “updated for the times” in a way that ruins it- though I hear it’s being done by the same people, so that shouldn’t be the case.

Actually they would have too since most of the humor is based on the current trends of pop culture to begin with (i.e. a well executed parody of BSG or Heroes wouldn’t be too far fetched based on the series track record thus far).

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So what did you guys like about Reboot? I never saw it.

There are three things about this series that made it concentrated win and own for me. First was just the amazing effort that went into the series as in the cutscenes in early PS2 video games are just about graphically on par with the first season of Reboot, and as an fyi the first season aired back in 1991, five years prior to Toy Story (and yes I was watching this back then too).

Second was that it was frickin’ hilarious as seen in the posts above and probably below (a couple of my favorites were the dungeon crawling episode, the Pokemon-sque episode, the 8-bit episode, and the giant blob episodes among others)

And finally for eventual plot development as the first two seasons, while having an overall plot, were fairly episodic the third season pulls a ‘Beast Wars’ (i.e. pulling together a series of loosely similar dangling plot threads into a solid story arc (also done by the same team that did Reboot)), and the fourth season further still.

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Anyone remember that episode when it was Enzo’s birthday and Bob and Megabyte had a guitar duel?

Here you go Kago!

Oh, it’s not the pop references that bother me. It’s that they may change the format. The original show, as you mentioned, had a great balance between silly stuff and thrilling adventure; it would be too easy to make it TOO silly or TOO grim, if not written correctly, or under pressure from sponsors, etc.

Or too deus ex machina like how all the key tools came back.


Bumping for (hopefully) ‘GREAT JUSTICE!!!’ in THE FORM OF A WEBCOMIC!?!?!.::dekar!::

Which I can’t seem to find right now. >_< At least the art on the site looks cool though.

Edit: Plus a movie trilogy? Dun Dun Duuunnn!!!

Double Edit: Seriously does anyone know how to view the actual comic? I’ve tried signing in and everything and yet nothing works.

Wow, only 11 hours left . . .

I’m sure we’re all too busy looking at this right now, but <b><i>fuck yes</i></b>.

Okay. So after Finally finding and reading the comic as well as rewatching the four season in the meanwhile, I found that while the comic would be more enjoyable on it’s own, having a previous comic to continue from (aside from the last episode of season 4 of Reboot), or even continuing a different series than Reboot. I felt that it didn’t really succeed at concluding the story given the circumstances.

The main problem being (aside from the fact that the company that did the show handed it off to the fans making this official fanfiction) that the fourth season of Reboot should’ve been viewed as more than one and a half seasons with the final couple of episodes erupting in yet another major conflict between Megabyte and the rest of the characters. The comic, however, starts with the series equivalent of several years later (though the terminology used would imply decades at the very least), and unfortunately (pardon while I use a chess metaphor here) ending a long awaited chess match of epic greatness by moving a few pieces and maybe losing a few on the side before everybody walks away for several years is not the way to do it. Unfortunately the rest of the comic doesn’t isn’t spent finishing that epic battle that started seven long years ago, but instead sweeps the story arc away (for hopefully a later date) in favor of a totally new and different arc.

Sadly, there were three things that made the series so great, and two of them, the witty writing and epic plot, are completely MIA in this comic. At least the art succeeds at carrying on the spirit of the series. And who knows it might get better as time goes on but this isn’t the way to start things. Basically to sum things up it’s many things but it shouldn’t be Reboot version 5.0.

And in it’s defense at least it’s not as bad as the opening of Indy 4 (now that’s fanfiction).