Potted Meat

OK, I bought all this potted meat because it’s only 30 cents a can and makes a semi-decent snack. But it’s quality greatly concernts me.

First off, the actual term the makers of this product use is “Potted Meat Food Product”. There’s something that just rubs me the wrong way about having to tell people that your product is food.

Second is the ingrediant list. Allow me to go over it…

  1. Mechanically Seperated Chicken
  2. Beef Tripe (cow stomach linings, for anyone who doesn’t know what Tripe is)
  3. Partially Defatted Cooked Beef Fatty Tissue
  4. Beef Hearts
  5. Water
  6. Partially Defatted Cooked Pork Fatty Tissue

The chicken and beef hearts I can handle (hearts are found in most processed meat products and beef hearts are good anyway if the fact that it’s a heart doesn’t bother you). Everything else is kinda iffy…

Third is the look of it. You open this can, and if it didn’t say it was a “Food Product” right on the front I’d swear is was canned cat food. It looks like cat food. It smells like cat food. It probably tastes like cat food (I’ve never had cat food so I don’t know for sure).

So, to make a long story short, do I need to find a better snack food? What’s meaty, good to snack on, and doesn’t cost much? Potted meat tastes OK it just really bothers me. Sardines are good too but they’re smelly.

Pork rinds?

If you hadnt said inexpensive there are a billion and a half things you could use, but ummm, what about Spam? or if you dont mind a bit more expensive, Underwoods Deviled Chicken or Deviled Ham spreads, really good, but as I said, more expensive.

That sounds as healthy as being run over by a 4X4.

Dear god o_O;;; Its up to you, if you like it and find it tasty, all yours. I stick to little bags of chocolate chip mini cookies …

Originally posted by Rast
So, to make a long story short, do I need to find a better snack food?

Um, yes. I wish I knew more about higher-quality meaty snack foods, but I do know that potted meat product-whatever is so bad for you. I’m so sure you can do better! Jerky?

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Hmm… maybe - depends on if I can find any good jerky that doesn’t cost a fortune.

makes a note to go look for it next time he goes grocery shopping

Make your own, its not hard to do. It only takes the meat of your choice, maranade, and an oven or smokehouse or dehydrator. That, and it costs a fraction of store-bought, and is usually better tasting.

You want cheap food? Buy the ingridents and make yourself some bread: It’s simple.

I wish is was that easy.

I’m in the Navy now - have been for two years! Anyway, I live on the ship and normally I just eat in the galley, but it’s closed right now so we’re all getting paid more to buy our own food.

For the people who have their own houses and stuff it’s not a big deal but for me that means my choices are limited to ready-to-eat foods since none of our cooking equipment is up. It’s going to be like this for at least another month too.

i second the bread. just get a loaf of schwebels or wonderbread “italian” bread. its good. also, pepperidge farm cinnamon swirl is delicious.

The navy! Cool. I would sign up but… I’m weak, really. Anyway, on topic, yeah, find some cheap jerky, that shit rocks.

Corned Beef. Fucking delicious and a lot safer than that. Goes great in sandwiches or by itself.

Jerky sounds like a good solution, better than whatever the heck you bought!O_O;
Also, try those little weiners as well.

And haggis! (just kidding, since it’s not made in US).

You said everything else was iffy. Does this include the water?
And as far as finding a better snack food, and mind that this is from someone who has eaten balled-up brownies off a highschool cafeteria floor, ehn. Hey, if you enjoy it, why find something else?

Vienna Sausage is good.

Originally posted by Talimar
Does this include the water?


Thinks about it

I guess not, just the parts about tripe and the partially defatted cooked fatty tissue. It’s also loaded with sodium - a 3 oz can has 35% of the recommeded daily allowance of sodium.

Thanks for your suggestions everyone!

Partially defatted cooked fatty tissue?
That should be ending the world right there.

Yes, change your snack food. Polish sausages are good, Underwood’s Devilled Ham is the rocksor on Ritz, but my personal favorite is either Spam or Canned Ham. Meats eaten with a spoon > everything else.

EDIT: Y’see, I didn’t notice that part before. Hence why I changed my mind.


They’re only like 40 cents a bag too! It’s the best food for under a dollar ever made!

Ahhh, instant ramen…will you ever let us down?

Seriously, whoever invented thatdeserves a freakin’ nobel prize.
Cheap, quick to cook, tasty, and with all the nutritional value of a piece of cardboard. :hahaha;