Potatoe chips.

Is it potato, or potatoe? Anyways…

What is your favorite type of chip flavor? I won’t make this into a voting poll, seeing as there are seemingly endless choices… If you like chip dip with a certain flavor, post the flavor of that too!

I really like all-dressed potatoe chips. But, if I am having dip, I have Salt & Vinegar, and Ranch flavored dip. Both rock.

Go ahead and post!!!11

I prefer Ready-Salted Crisps. :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of crisps, wasn’t there some soy-flavored chip, and it tastes VERY FUCKING sour?

And it’s potato. But over here they are crisps. My favorite is Salt and Vinegar. The only other I’ll eat is Smoky Bacon.

I’ve heard of chips, but never crisps. But still, you all know what I meant, right?

Yeah, but that’s what they’re called here. For no reason whatsoever.
And hey, I’m the ghost of you.

slowly backs away

Uhm… okay. You’re the ghost of me?

You’re Starman, I’m the Ghost of Starman. That makes me, GoS, ghost of you. Perfect logic.

These titles suck.

What or who is Starman?

Beyond that he’s from Earthbound, I have no idea.

That’s because crisps is the name those crazy brits gave to chips.

But I’m Canadian, a “dominion” of Britain. Which makes me consider myself british. Sort of. I call them chips.


I like salt and vinegar too.

Crazy ass Brits.

Anyway, I like onion rings. Fuck your chips. Or potato chips. WHATEVER YOU CALL THEM, THEY ARE INFERIOR.

/me bows down to superior onion rings.

Onion rings are good too, and Darkness you’re my ghost too now.

Not my ghost anymore. Woot.

You have been exorcised, I have been possesed. :bowser:

Oh no. :bowser:

Best flavour= cheese and onion. Nothing beats cheese and onion. :-p