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My e-penis is almost 662 times as large as yours.

I think that, whatever people say, it definitely does matter. I mean, people might say otherwise to be nice and polite, but you can tell the truth. Roleplay can really add some interesting spice to things, too. Hope this helps.

cless alvein unsheathes his sword. “prepare to do battle MIGHTY ONES” he yells and jumps into teh fray.


kaseli walked through the giant piles of dead bodies on the bloodened battlefield. the glimmer of a sword catches his eye. the sole bright spot amoung the grand carnage. kaseli inspects the sturdy blade. “ma…ho”, he reads the description aloud.

“what is it sensei??” asks ramza, his squire, who ran up alongside kaseli when kaseli wasnt looking. “this sword is a very good sword. i knew the guy who used it”. kaseli looked around for a moment. “yep. here he is. cless alvein.” on the ground was cless, near the sword. he was dead.

“why must great men die in battle?” asked young ramza.

“that is the question your training must answer, ramza-kun”. kaseli looked solemnly across the battleground. “hope this helps.”


Quick Question: Who the hell do you think you are?

You got welcomes because people hadn’t seen you outside the rp boards -which many people don’t check- and they said hi.

Yeah, sure.

But that has no relevance on why it should increment the <strike>e-peen</strike> post count.

Ok, I see that i’ve recieved nothing useful in comment, although thanks for the support Arac. You all with high post count have no idea . . . you can’t speak from our point of view. I’ve seen every roleplayer occasionaly question this post-count issue, and i’m speaking out for them. You can say post count doesn’t matter, but it certainly does, and what Arac says is true. Until you’ve been in our shoes, don’t say it doesn’t matter, thats just insult. Why do you think you have SO many inactive members? Alot of them have roleplayed for a long time and simply left the board. We like to interact with the board, but you know what? When the board doesn’t interact back . . . it gets dull. My last site, which was real roleplaying site and unfortunately lost the funding and is now attempting to rebuild itself, was MUCH bigger than this board, and guess where post count mattered? In support forums, tech forums, help forums, and oh yeah, ROLEPLAY forums. All else did not matter. Why? Because of the crap that people just post in general forums, and wow, general forums seem to be saturated with that. Don’t tell me that RPers don’t deserve PC unless you have a justification :wink:

I’m always hovering around all the other boards . . . i just find SO LITTLE of interest, of importance, to post in.

Rig pretty much answered the question. You got welcomes, despite posting here for a year since people didn’t recognize you. It wasn’t as much your post count. Besides post count isn’t everything, my count has been reset a couple of times and all that and has been moved through the different forums, but it really isn’t a big deal. Hell, I’ve been posting here longer than most of the staff, but I’m still a regular member with a medium post count. I don’t need a high post count to feel good about myself. If you actively post on the Role Playing forum, then those people know you and have their thoughts of you and you have your thing with them. If you post on the Role Playing forum a lot and then got welcomes, yeah I’d be a little upset too. However, you post in a different forum and people just didn’t recognize you.

I really don;t know how else to explain it but, this is a board with a bigger emphasis on Role Playing games than role playing. I used to be a roleplayer, I admit, and still am, though not here. Quite honestly, I never gave a damn about how post count doesn’t matter there. Before the RP forum, years ago, it was the Tower of babel, which was where the stupid shit went. Post counts didn’t matter there. I spent most of my time there, too, early on, although after awhile, you would start to notice that the crap that went on there was stupid. There were a few Forum RP sessions there, too, although now I wince when i think back about them. Sure, i met some friends there, but overall, I feel embarassed by them.

But really, personal experience matters little here. The plain and simple fact is, we never got so many Roleplayers here for a long time. It never really mattered that posts didn;t count. And at one time, I did think post count mattered, too, but after a while, you start to realize, no, it really, really doesn’t. And most of the “old guard”, the people who actrually run this site, don;t give a damn about Roleplayers, so it’s their choice, and theirs is all that matters in the end.

As a side note, that forum was a fucking Ghost Town for years. good Roleplayers rarely posted, newer posters were not very good at it… So it wasn;t posted in very often, and just became a forum that barely hung on, staying ehre only as a concession to the people who still wanted to do it sometimes.

I’m gonna have to give Val the award for best reply. That pretty much answers all the questions there ad gives the reasoning.

since when the fuck are post counts “credit” for “work” ( posts = work? o_O go work in a coal mine or something, see if you still care about a post count)

I had almost 5000 posts when they decided to reset the numbers last time, which means I actually have posted around 8700 times, not that far from our oh-so-precious-leader’s “record”. But I didn’t care then and I don’t care now. I’m more worried about having fun here, not comparing numbers.

As for RPing, yes it’s really odd how some people here have some strange, uppity attitude about it. They play Video Role Playing Games BUT if someone gasp! actually decides to make their own, they’re somehow inferior? OK, so it depends on the actual skill of the people involved, most of them won’t go beyond basic dungeon crawl stuff, but then you hear the “old Pros” complain about how the games they played are too “old school” (or not “old school”) enough. It’s just as silly as saying True Anime fans watch their Anime subbed, not dubbed, dammit! :hahaha; we all have fun our own way, OK? Let’s not look down on each other over something so trivial.

Besides having a large [STRIKE]e-peen[/STRIKE] post count isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Just take a look at Sin. He can’t even formally post anymore due to his oversized [STRIKE]wang[/STRIKE] count, and needs somebody to help carry his [STRIKE]Ancient Chinese Secret[/STRIKE] message for him whenever he wants to [STRIKE]spray[/STRIKE] say something.

It’s totally almost not worth it!:too bad:

I don’t understand how welcoming someone who hasn’t posted outside the RP board is so strange. If they haven’t posted there, then they’re still new and thusly deserve a welcome.

Lets be plain - you’re just sour because you don’t get recognition for having x number of posts and you want to be cool too. But you roleplay, so don’t hold your breath.

Not quite. Honestly, I’m just confused by that lack of princible it radiates.

It is the principle that bothers me! I don’t need 9999 to be happy! While the roleplaying board WAS inactive, it was inactive WELL over a year ago, now, as many have said, it is one of the MOST active boards.

I didn’t post this to hear, oh, post count doesn’t matter, I posted to get a good excuse . . . i found none. Thanks for trying val, I know you have nothing to do with it - its the creators of the website who don’t give a damn about the roleplayers, as you said, and that much is VERY clear.

I’m not holding my breath waiting for a post count to come, its not going to. I understand perfectly well that the people posting meaningless dribble:

“My e-penis is almost 662 times as large as yours.”

are the ones who get post count, and that they care nothing for it . . . because they have it.

Meaningless dribble. You don’t get the point, I’ve worked hard all my life, thank you. I write because I enjoy writing. Done. If you don’t understand what i’m trying to explain, whats in front of your face, don’t post.

Once again, I don’t give a damn about HAVING the post count - I simply wanted to know the reason why behind it. If all I cared about was having post count and being popular, I OBVIOUSLY would not have posted this, which is a good way to make people dislike me. I really don’t care what people think of me . . . this is simply my own curiousity and disgust which has led me to this topic.

If the reason behind it all is because people don’t give a damn about writing, thats fine. Thats the answer. Lovely.
I won’t bother with other forums anymore, i’ll stick to the RPers forum, and if something interesting and meaningful comes up on the other boards, i’ll post as I have in the past. I couldn’t get a good excuse . . . I wasn’t expecting one. Perhaps i’ll try in another year.

If you don’t think this reason is ‘good’, well whatever, but that’s the reason.

To be fair, you sound as if you’re trying to play the victim a little bit. Lamenting that the staff ‘doesn’t give a damn’ about RPers is a little much when the site was never designed for inter-personal roleplaying to begin with, and they’re really under no obligation to provide such a forum at all. The site started over ten years ago as a source of information mostly for console roleplaying games, JRPGs and the like.

If you enjoy the roleplaying in the RP forum, that’s great. Shouldn’t that be enough? If you have a good time with someone, then doesn’t that mean more than a number under yours or their name?

When we first started the RP forum, a lot of people would spam it with meaningless posts or do posts that contained four or five words (“TORATH DRAGONSLAYER IS KNOCKED BACK”) and because we shortened the between-time for posting to allow this kind of rapid back-and-forth exchange between RPers who happened to be on at the same time, we wanted to demotivate people who spammed for the sake of a post count from spamming. We don’t get these types of characters much anymore, but there’s really no reason in changing it. There’s your reason. Inertia.

If you don’t like it, then you might want to evaluate that whole spiel about “not caring about post counts”. So what if you get welcomes twice? So what if your “work” is not tallied? No one else seems to care enough to make a topic, because they don’t correlate post count with respect, or work. And honestly, neither should you. Someone can reset my post count to zero and I could post in the RP forum and maybe get a welcome. Cool. So what?

If an RPer can’t have fun, and thinks that the board <i>is not interacting back</i> unless each post ticked a number up, then that person’s got other issues to deal with.